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Stretching while sick?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) November 23rd, 2007

I do floor stretches for lower back aches daily. Now I have a really bad cold where every part of me aches. Should I skip the stretches until I feel a bit better? All I want to do is get under a quilt and drink tea and think about nothing.

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I have a cold AND my back went into spasms yesterday, so I am stretching! Just do ones you can do in bed, and do them for relaxation, rather than pushing the strech for flexibility. Laying in the bed can contribute to your backaches.

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Gail, sorry you’re under the weather. Besides the stretching (which is good anytime), I would overwhelmingly reccomend an over the counter, homeopathic remedy caled Occilococcinum. You can find it in most health food stores and drugstores. It’s the #1 OTC remedy in France. Take it when you start to feel the “aches” and it will burn the flu out of your system in a day. Feel better!! Harold.

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Thanks, Harold, but the advice is too late this time. I’m not going anywhere for a few days – it’s frigid here (prob. slightly nastier than in Brooklyn) and I have called in my chips w.friends who are bringing me meals on wheels and picking up the mail at the little post office. I’ll check out Occilococcinum when next I am out to pick up my Red Yeast Rice (a natural statin.) Hope you’re well. Maude

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I highly recommend Occilococcinum as well. Works every time.

Umcka ColdCare is pretty good too.

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