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Why does my dog love ice cubes?

Asked by eenerweiner (444points) April 6th, 2009

If you ever drop one or if you throw one she is on it so fast and will fight to keep it, and she does get plenty of water. It’s almost like its a treat, she hears the freezer door opens and gets super excited. Anyone else’s dog do this?

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Max acts like it is the best treat ever. When he hears the ice maker, he comes running and sits at full attention, and whines if you don’t give him one.

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Because she is a chillie dog? sorry, couldn’t resist.

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@DrBill: Please tell me Max isn’t that cat…

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@chyna oh! So bad….but funny!

Our big dog will chase it until it melts. Then she will sit there and pout, while staring at the puddle. I’m just making sure I find the puddle, not great for hardwood floors!

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<—- that is Catgut, Max is one of my dogs

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My boy dog like to chase them but Chloe never lets him, she steals it and eats it and ruins all Toby’s fun.

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Both of my dogs love ice – so hilarious to watch them. One of them lays on the floor and licks it over and over, and the other one just gobbles them up like candy. I dunno what the obsession is lol

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I will put ice cubes in my dogs water dish when they are outside in the summer. It’s funny watching them dip their faces in the water trying to get them, like bobbing for apples.

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My parents dog loves them too, I guess they just taste good to them?

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I think it’s the cold aspect. My dog loves ice cubes but he also loves grapes and carrots, but only if they are cold. It’s hilarious to watch him!

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My dog loves them, he has 12 to 16 before we turn in at night. And if we have a drink with cubes in the glass, he will sit in front of ous and look at the glass till we give in.

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I was about to ask this but I guess its not just my dumb dog.

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