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If you use foods/spices to color eggs, will the eggs take on those flavors?

Asked by MissAusten (16142points) April 6th, 2009

My daughter and I want to try to color Easter eggs using natural food dyes (sort of a science experiment/craft project). Will the eggs taste like what we use to color them? We’re going to use tumeric, grape juice, raspberries, and tea. Will the eggs taste funky?

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If you die the outside shell it’s a no unless you poke a small hole into the egg letting the natural flavors soak through. It’ll take a few days.

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If the eggs are in unbroken shells, no, but if there are cracks in the shell, or if the shell is removed, there might be some taste transferred to the egg. It won’t hurt it.

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I don’t have an answer for ya, thus the whispering. But I think this is a Fantastic! idea. I am looking into learning how to make dyes naturally just for fun. This idea with the eggs is just plain great.

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Beet juice, cranberry, grape and blueberry juice are terrific permanent dyes, as the stains on many of my shirts attest. Red wine, coffee, tea, and onion skins work too, but who wants an onion-flavoured hardboiled egg?

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Wrap eggs in onion skin then in pantyhose to keep the skin on and boil, it will color them with a marble-ly pattern… can’t remember what color though and I don’t think it will give any flavor.

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OK, we should be fine then. I’m not sure if we’re going to boil the eggs in the dye, or make the dye and color the pre-boiled eggs. From what I’ve read, you can do it either way. I’m leaning toward the second method so we can leave the eggs in the dye for as long as we want without overcooking them. I can just not dye any eggs that crack while boiling.

@gailcalled, that’s what I’m trying to avoid because we all love egg salad sandwiches!

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@MissAusten – when you use tumeric – do you make a paste and let it sit on it, or bring it to a liquid. I would love to do this with my son, I even think my daughter would like to do this.

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@cak, This website describes the process. You use ground tumeric (or chopped foods, or other spices) in water, add a bit of vinegar, boil it for 15 to 30 minutes. You can cook the eggs in the water as it boils, or you can strain it after boiling, let it cool, and then color the eggs.

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Thanks! I told my kids, they are excited. I almost think my husband is more excited than the kids. :)

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