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Does anybody else think the iPhone has a very little battery life?

Asked by johnny (335points) April 6th, 2009 from iPhone

I have a full battery charge in the morning before I go to work then I use it occasionaly for business purposes, and then I is r to charge it already by like 4 o’clock. Sometimes I even have to charge it three times a day. Is this everybody who has an iPhone or just mine?

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I have a first generation iPhone and I use it constantly. I usually put it on the charger at some point in the early evening. Considering how often I’m on the Internet, I think the battery life is impressive.
Is yours 3G by any chance. Using the 3G network really sucks up the battery.

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ugh. don’t remind me. i have an Iphone 3g and i cant really go the whole day without it running down. i bought one of those attachable batteries, and it seems to work very well.

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It’s possible that you just got a bunk battery. You might consider doing a warranty exchange through AT&T.

I have the 3G iPhone and I charge mine every night. I use it constantly. I would say of all the phones I’ve owned, and from what I’ve heard from other people (I sold cell phones for 3 years) that a day is pretty average for battery life. It sounds like yours is under par.

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I’m on my phone all day and I usually don’t run out of battery. Then again, if it’s running low I just charge it while I’m using it. I keep a charger in my room and in my car, besides down at the computer. It charges really fast so it isn’t a problem.
I’m willing to loose some battery power to have a computer in my pocket.

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I’ve already had to exchange an iphone for a crappy battery. Check it out, yours might be drained out.

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I think this must be your battery. My iPhone is fine through out the day, And I use it quite a bit, and if I don’t use it much or only for music it can lasts 2 days. So I would agree that you should trade it in or atleast have it checked

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ya I think I’m gonna have to get it replaced cause I just upgraded my old iPhone to a 3g about 2 weeks ago and it’s already this bad. This sucks

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If you’re not using WiFi, 3G or BlueTooth, turn them off and see if your battery life improves. If you are using WiFi, turn off “Ask to Join Networks”.

I charge mine during the night and can get through the next day on one charge. I’ve been turning off WiFi occasionally – the 3G network is pretty fast.

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Yes it has a very short batter life. I have the 3G Iphone and I use my apps, to call and safari, it totally kills my batter life. I’m lucky to go a day w/ a full life

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It does have sucky battery life, but there are things you can do to help extend it. Check out apple’s support area on their site and search iphone battery.

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