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Does the ShamWow! really work as well as Vince says it does in the commercial?

Asked by Sakata (3347points) January 21st, 2009
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Consumer Reports and Wired say yes!

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No. I tried to get some water off of a hardwood floor today and it sucked. It’s a sham.

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Jesse: it’s not a sham, it’s a ShamWow!

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I bought the Zorbee’s out of a catalog & they’re a complete waste of time & money. I’d assume that the ShamWow thing is the same stuff. When he runs it down his arm & says that team olympic divers use them to dry off, I have to laugh. Suuuure they do! Can we say “rip off”?

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Pretty much a total rip off.

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I think consumer reports is a bit of a sham, myself.

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Have you guys read about Vince’s run-ins and continuing legal battle against the Church of Scientology? He actually sells this shit on TV to raise money for his civil suit. No lie!

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We bought one at the fair. My husband said it’s no better than any other shammy he’s used for the cars.

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@tonedef ; Great LINK!!

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Oh my gosh! In the commercial, it shows people selling buying them and giving testimonials at the fair. I always scream at the TV, “HOW CAN YOU GIVE A TESTIMONIAL?? IT’S STILL WRAPPED UP WITH THE RUBBER BAND ON IT.”

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Hahahaaaaa… have a point there.

Those Zorbees things are nothing more than a piece of felt!!!

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We were thinking of getting them for school car washes because old towels are pretty useless for more than one car (hours to dry) so is the consensus is no?

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Everyone. You must. See. This

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I’m not a ShamWow salesman but, in the video Andrew posted, looks like it works. I earned a boatload of carbon credits in the Kyoto Protocol by reusing dishrags for 10 years. Now I’m cashing in my credits buying 8 8-packs of paper towels every month.

As far as ShamWow being Eco, did you know that particles of pollution in the clouds reflect far more sunlight than particles of water? That’s right folks, air pollution has saved us from global warming!

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I don’t know if they work or not, but I do know the saleman guy needs to cut back on whatever he’s taking.

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lol wow, who knew there was such an interesting back story to this shamwow and that vince guy. I am gonna go buy myself a few orders of these shamwows.

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Everyone must see THIS

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Point of interst in the Shamwow commerical when he pours it on the carpet piece.
There is a momentary break in the video. Look after he pours it and the soda overflows the edge of the carpet. Right then is a break. Next he is applying the shamwow but look again and the soda is not oveflowing the edge of the carpet before he applies the “shammy”. And a sham it is…

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@SeventhSense: ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT SHAMWOW LIED TO ME???? I think I might have to ask you to step outside!

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You’ve always had a crush on Vince and…ok I’m jealous…You were always fine with my shammies and now he has to come around with his fast talkin’ sales pitch…

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Costco sells this now.

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I think I’d rather just send him money personally than artificially promote the sale of sham products.

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Excuse, my ignorance but what exactly is the Shamwow supposed to do exactly? What is so special about it; what puts the “wow” in it?

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