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Ubuntu help needed , keeps saying failed . what do i do now ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4402points) October 4th, 2010

Right so to keep it short .
The laptop is currently running XP , I went to and downloaded the netbook remix . I followed ALL the instructions gave b the websites little helpful guides , But when it comes to installing from the USB stick it gets to 99% and says failed could not locate install files .
I have looked around te website for some help , all it does is bring me to some info on chat rooms that can be accessed via ubuntu . Well since i cant install it i cant use them , this is where you guys can maybe help . I am ever hopeful that one of you has installed ubuntu and know what to do .

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I would suggest burning the netbook remix disk image to a CD and installing it when you boot up. Does the file you downloaded end in ”.iso”? If so, then use a program like BurnAware in Windows to burn an install CD. I’d be happy to supply more detailed instructions if you’d like.

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Are you on a corporate network or otherwise behind a proxy gateway? If so, you might need to inform the package manager of your proxy server’s location.

Edit/create /etc/apt/apt.conf with the following entry:

http::proxy “” }

Obviously, replace your . proxyserver . com with the correct fully-qualified hostname and change the port number as well, if needed.

You’ll need to use sudo to muck around with files under /etc.

DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE CODE ABOVE! Fluther uses smart quotes which are not understood in plain text file parsing by most programs.

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Try installing with Linuxliveusb.

You haven’t really given us enough information to help you, though – please be more specific if you can!

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You might also try checking the MD5 to make sure the download was 100%

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@the100thmonkey I tried to not bog down the thread with details people familliar to would know , Since I said ’ ALL instructions ’ I think that is a given that I have liveUSB and have tried everything mentioned on their site .

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@sandystrachan – I understand where you’re coming from, but without linking to the specific thread you made or the page you accessed you really haven’t given us enough information – why should we help you when you won’t even tell us what you’ve done already?

You do need to bog this thread down with details

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I still say burn the ISO to a CD and try installing that way.

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@camertron – normally, that’s what I would recommend, but the fact that @sandystrachan is trying to install the netbook edition suggests that they have a netbook, which doesn’t have an optical drive.

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Right update : It will let me run Ubuntu along side Windows , It works too . But when I try again to ” Demo/Install” the thing is still goes to 99% , says can’t retrieve install files.
I will try burning to a CD and see what happens that way , the only way I used the USB was cause They said to use a USB .
( Also my BIOS won’t let me boot from a USB drive so i can’t direct boot from there )

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@the100thmonkey yeah, I forgot about that! I suppose the OP could get an external optical drive if she doesn’t already have one built in. The netbook version is just a lighter-weight version, right? That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have an optical drive. Based on the OP’s last quip, they are able to burn a CD, so I’m not quite as oblivious as I thought!

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@sandystrachan So, you were trying to install Ubuntu Netbook Edition via the Windows installer?

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Partial success copied to cd , managed to get on Ubuntu ( I selected demo/full install) . Only thing now when the window opens I can’t read the text under icons i.e firefox etc , the text is all mushed up and when I select to show home screen . Well the touch pad doesn’t respond even though it does respond to open help( right click) . So now my dilemma is how to get the screen to show proper size so I can use the touchpad keys to show home screen and select install Ubuntu ?

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If you are sure what I mean by text is mushed together, tell me how to upload I picture from iPhone to here so I can show you. Or will I just have to use imgur or similar site and post link here?

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Use or similar service. You cannot upload a picture directly to Fluther, other than for your avatar.

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Sounds like you need to update your drivers. Either that or you need to adjust your screen resolution. Here’s a site found via Google that illustrates the process.

sandystrachan's avatar heres the picture of the screen . ( The picture isn’t blurred cause i took a picture of it , this is exactly how I see the screen )
@camerton I can’t adjust the screen cause it wont let me click on anything to open it ,

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Wow! That’s crazy. It looks like it can’t find the right font to render the text or something. What’s your native language? Maybe the localization is wrong. Did you choose English or some other language when you installed it?

I also wonder if the netbook version of Ubuntu is buggy. You could always try the regular desktop distribution.

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At the boot screen I selected one of the Ubuntu options, this made the text unblurry but the icons are too big. But I am now doing the final part of install i.e full install after that I’ll change the size etc and connect to internets . Goodbye m$ hello freedom. Thank for all your help Guiz.

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Crab apples.
It just finished installing after my demo trial, and the screen is back to the picture again and not letting me select anything. I selected all the right details too, like my location and time zone etc. Am screwed

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Ok, try the regular desktop release of ubuntu. That’s gotta work!

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This is why I said you need to provide details.

What’s the laptop – brand, model number? How old is it?
What language are you trying to use? Where did you buy the laptop?

I suspect you have an unusual graphics processor, but can’t help you any more until you give me details.

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