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How can I get relief from ear congestion?

Asked by blueberryme (328points) November 27th, 2007

I had a bad cold last week and flew home on Sunday. As the plane descended, it felt like all of the pressure from my sinuses went into my ears. Now, one ear still hasn’t cleared! I’ve tried heat, steam, chewing, yawning, decongestants, sinus meds, etc. Online research has yielded horror stories about some folk remedies (like ear candling). I would appreciate any advice.

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I am not suggesting anything but a visit to an ENT Doc. But one way of clearing ears that are not infected is to hold nose firmly closed w. thumb and first finger (pointer?), keep mouth open, and blow nose gently. It makes ears pop. Remember, I am NOT suggesting this. Perhaps you need an antibiotic and the doc to drain the outer ear.

Save candles for romance or cake. Like putting beans up your nose, candling is a huge no-no for ear congestion. Leeches or cupping would work as well and be safer.

One more reason for me to list when I am explaining why I will no longer fly.

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You’re likely to have an ear infection. If it doesn’t clear up within a week of onset, or if there is pain, consider going to the doctor. Also, look to as a resource for researching complementary and alternative therapies. There are many clinical reviews and studies available on the effectiveness of a surprisingly vast array of traditional and non-standard therapies for most every health condition.

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I am an Audiologist (hearing and balance specialist).

You complain of ear pressure, but not acute pain or fever, so an ear infection is not likely. You also have not mentioned significant hearing loss or dizziness, so it seems like either cerumen impaction or Eustachian tube dysfunction. The Eustachian tube is the connection between the middle ear space and the throat. It opens when we yawn or swallow to equalize the pressure in the middle ear with that of the air around us, so the eardrum can have the greatest mobility to maximize hearing sensitivity. The ValSalva maneuver (close your nose and blow gently, as mentioned by GailCalled) forces air pressure up the tube into the middle ear; but in the process, fluid can also be forced up there, so one must be cautious with this.

I second Gaicalled’s recommendation to go to the doctor. Many general practitioners can check the ear for cerumen (ear wax) impaction and also perform a tympanogram (a test that measures the eardrum response to pressure changes and sound) to determine whether there is fluid behind the eardrum. Depending on what they find, they might refer you to the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist (a.k.a. ENT or otolaryngologist) for further evaluation and treatment.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Thanks to all of you for your responses. I did end up going to a doctor at almost five days with still no clearing of the ear and increasing pain. I got some really intense decongestant help and antibiotics. Thankfully, just as the doctor said, by Monday my hearing was back to normal and the pain was gone.
nerfmissile – thanks for the recommendation of the resource. I will certainly keep that around for future reference.
gailcalled – I did try the blowing method (very gently!), but I think I just had too much fluid, or wasn’t blowing hard enough. It’s a little scary! I stayed far away from ear candles. :)
hearkat – I was not at all expecting an expert response to my question. This Fluther business works! Great answer!
Thanks to all of you for taking the time to help.

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Delighted that your Doctor solved the problem and that you are feeling fine again. Prob. not a good idea to fly in future w. a bad head cold, unless absolutely necessary.

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I’m glad to help, and happy that you’re feeling better. Enjoy your Holidays! :)

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Wow, I just had the exact same thing and had a short but painful flight. argh!! so i hope it goes away without going to a doc. has only been a few days….what meds did you take??

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Hi EmilyRose, Sorry that I haven’t been on in while. I was given a steroid nose spray for some aggressive anti-inflammation and the three-pack, a three-day antibiotic course. I hope that your ear is better now!

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I agree that you should see a doctor, but a neti pot will relieve some of the pressure by totally clearing the sinus area. A neti pot in regular use will help with overall ear, nose, throat health. I find ear candles useless but some people swear by them. I would avoid them. The neti pot has a long history of increasing and maintaining health.

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@beccause; Neti advice is fine for some but can be excruciatingly painful for those with narrow Eustacean tubes. That is mentioned in the fine print, but I (and several others) discovered the hard way. My ears really hurt for several hours (altho my sinuses were clear.0

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@gailcalled; I have heard of a few people who had this issue and they do make cute little pluggie/tube things (have no idea what they are actually called) for this, that create air flow during neti potting. Looked for a link but they are sold in hard core health stores and some on-line Indian markets. And that said, doing Neti pot can hurt badly when you have a sinus infection too, but I have always found it to be worth the temporary distress. My friend who had some discomfort with the Neti pot found she was good if she put some rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton in her ears right after performing Neti. She is quite tiny as humans go, I wonder if the small tubes created her issue and if this is a simple fix for that… lots of speculation and incomplete info here… perhaps someone will pick up where I leave off….
Thanks for opening a new discussion! : )

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I and my sister (the narrow ET’s are genetic) use a small rubber syringe with a narrow tip, fill it with warm water and a pinch of salt. You can control the amount of pressure when you squirt it in each nostril…just make sure you are leaning over a sink, or the ocean.

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I don’t have a answer, but I do need help, On tuesday driving down the road my left ear got stopped up I have limited hearing and lots of pressure, since it happened so suddenly without a cold or sinus problems i thought a bug got in my ear I put peroxide in my ear in the hope of boiling something out, no luck so i did a lot of holding my nose and blowing, still nothing and the pressure was getting so bad I thought it was going to pop,therews no pain around my ear like i have had in the past with ear infections, i put some numbing ointment in my ear and them cleaned it with a q-tip still no help, when i touch around my left ear the sound that i hear is like my ear is full of water, anyway i went to the urgent care Dr. and he said it was infected, i did’nt belive him because i had no pain except for pressure, i took all the antibiotics (Z-Pack) still no relief i have taked sudafed pe. for 3 days no relief,I called Dr.and told them and the nurse practioner said to take a anti=histamine i have taken 1 so far I dont see how a anti=histamine will help but i don’t know what else to do, i have also tried alcohol. Can anyone come up with something else? it has been seved days since it started Thank you Donna

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Without looking in your ear, I can’t tell you what the problem is. Your best bet is to have your primary Doctor examine you and/or refer you to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

Since you have no other symptoms, I suspect it may be impacted ear wax that has been pushed in by the Q-Tips. Water from bathing can get in behind it and make those sounds you hear. I had a patient just last week whose primary Doctor told her that her ear looked fine, but when I looked in she had a serious wax plug that the ENT I work for couldn’t get it out in one visit.

I hope you feel better soon.

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To- hearkat
please reply ASAP.

I have ear congestion, i think i have sinus pressure, sort of convinced I have a dysfunctional eustachian tube, a slight hearing loss/muffled hearing in my left ear sometimes my right, and an ear wax build up. first of all: i cant tell if the earwax build up has gone hard or not yet, and i hope not because i have terrible anxiety problems (not yet on meds for that) and i dont really want to have to get my ears irrigated to remove the wax, but i was wondering if there were other/simpler/less harmful or just a plain different way of removing the wax where i wouldnt get the really high pressure or congestion feeling i get once the water is in my ears from the irrigation? i tried doing irrigation about 1 or 2 weeks ago but i couldnt stand the hearing or the feeling the blast of the water in my ear gave the ear itself. please help with that info and also, are there any easy to take meds or anything that i can take to stop this congested/full/plugged feeling i have? whenever i swallow i hear crackles, and sometimes when i begin to talk, during talking or when i finish a sentence i get a little click in one of my ears (usually left because thats the one with most problems and the buildup, doctor says i dont have any in my rich ear, but i still get clicks and maybe crackles in that ear?? explain why that is too if you can, much appreciated.) i read and watched a video about a product called “EarPopper”, if you have heard of it, would you reccommend it? and does it even work because it sort of worries me about using that thing..please reply as fast as possible, i think all these feelings began around January, maybe late December, and has gotten a bit worse since im pretty sure. PLEASE HELP. thank you VERY much.

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@Mr_No_Name: Has a physician looked in your ears to confirm whether there is a wax buildup? The best way to determine whether your symptoms are from the outer ear or middle ear (or a combination of both) is to have the ears examined by a Doctor or Audiologist. In NJ where I work, Audiologists are not allowed to remove cerumen (ear wax), but they are licensed and trained to do so in may other states.

The Physicians in my group have a few different techniques to remove the wax, which is primarily determined by the amount and consistency of the wax and the shape and size of the patient’s ear canal. If a patient is not compliant with the wax removal, or if the wax is so hardened that they are unable to remove it all, the Doctors usually recommend that the patient use Debrox (or other over-the-counter wax softening product) for a couple weeks and then return to try again. The kits often contain the irrigation bulb, but you can just put the drops in and let them soak into the wax by holding that ear up for a few minutes, and then tilt it down to drain out any residual liquid or wax.

If your symptoms persist after you have ensured that your ears are clear of excessive wax, then it may be Eustachian tube dysfunction. I looked up the EarPopper online, and all it does is create positive pressure which you then use to force open the Eustachian tube… much like the ValSalva maneuver does. Again, if you have not been examined by a physician, you could be throwing your money away if your problem is caused by something other than Eustachian tube dysfunction.

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what about the crackling when i swallow and clicking when i talk?
is that caused by earwax as well? thanks by the way for the help, (alot), would you reccommend any medication for sinus pressure and/or congestion in the mean time until i see the docter again? and yes a nurse practitioner as well as a different doctor looked and said i have wax in the left ear but didnt say if it has gone hard.I have been putting some cooking oil in my ear but im not sure its helping enough, maybe loosening it up a bit, but not bringing it out, ive been doing it for about a week and a half or I WANT to yawn and pop my ears? i didnt know i was suppose to before, because it gives me a sort of congested feeling once they pop, but i might hear a little better. it used to just get sort of congested or what ever that feeling is while we were deeper into winter but now its almost spring and its changed so it feels a bit refreshing i think and helps a bit, but why do i get that strange feeling in my ears? it worries me a bit, like i said i have bad anxiety problems too, so it makes me cautious of what i do to my ears, thanks for the support.

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Wax can cause sounds as you talk, chew and swallow because the jaw movement changes the shape of the ear.

I’ve never heard of anyone putting cooking oil in their ear, and I don’t know where you got that idea from. Ear wax softening drops are available over-the-counter at drug and grocery stores and are specifically formulated to soften and dissolve the wax, and I’d expect that to be far more effective than oil.

It really seems that the anxiety is the biggest problem here… wax buildup and eustachian tube dysfunction are commonplace and minor ear problems. When I encounter patients who get all worked-up in anticipation of their visit, they are so relieved afterwards.

Decongestants and antihistamines sometimes have side-effects; so even though they are also over-the-counter, I wouldn’t suggest taking them unless you have been advised to do so by a physician.

You may want to focus on your anxiety first, though. can help you find professionals and other treatment options in your area.

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I have been to a doctor and got a referral to a place where I can go to see someone that deals with anxiety problems and I will probably get medication to make it weaker or something to slow it down, am I suppose to ask a doctor if I can go get ear drops for softening or can I just go and get one to try it out? I also dont think the oil is the best idea, but I dont really have anything else until I go and buy some Drops. And that is the plan ive had in mind, I will try to get my anxiety under control as much as possible before I take a leap forward with my ears (as with my anxiety problems, irrigation is the LAST removal idea I want to have to go through) By the way: when i DO get my ears irrigated, how come it gives me that really congested/high pressured feeling? it always makes a pretty loud crackling noise when the water first goes in. when I get to the point of all the wax being removed, will it come back pretty fast? because i heard some people have ears that make too much wax, and I hope I dont have that, because doesn’t that mean I’ll have to go through removal all over? would it be ok if i used debrox early? or is that like a last resort sort of thing? because I just want to get a really good ear wax removal that is an Ear Drop ( or something like that, like cooking oil) and hope it softens up and comes right out. oh and one more thing: if the ear wax HAS gone hard, or a bit hard, can the ear drops still soften it up again to make it un-hardened and bring it right out of my ear for me? Thank you very much for the information and help/support. I was hoping anxiety meds or some sort of therapy would work with the anxiety problems, ad then I could try to remove the ear wax in a faster way, MAYBE irrigation, but it still sort of scares me. Thanks again,
Mr No Name

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For future reference, that’d dr. hearcat
Office hours on fluther 4–6pm m-f.

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@breedmitch: No, I’m not a Doctor. I got my Masters degree many years ago. Only recently have they made the Doctorate the entry-level for Audiology. Those already in practice with our Masters and continuing education can continue practicing. Some have gone back for the new clinical Doctorate, the AuD, but I can’t afford to.

@Mr No Name: The drops will soften the wax, and it might come out in its own, but I don’t have a crystal ball, so I can’t make any guarantees. Some people with frequent wax buildup will use the Debrox (or similar products) on a regular basis, the keep the wax softer so the ear’s self-cleaning mechanism can work more efficiently. Peroxide can be too drying, and could make it worse. And if you don’t like the sensation of irrigation in your ear, you probably won’t be too keen on the way peroxide sizzles and bubbles.

Also, NEVER use cotton swabs (a.k.a. Q-Tips) to “clean” your ears!! Very often the swab pushes the wax deeper into the ear, beyond where the cilia that remove the wax are, so it just sits in there and dries up. The deeper part of the ear canal is highly ennervated and very sensitive, which is why wax removal can be painful for some. Over-useof cotton swabs can also destroy the cilia, so the ear can no longer clean itself. The fibers on the swab may also irritate the skin in the ears by making tiny lesions that then get infected and itch, which most people treat by going in with another swab (or worse things) and they only exacerbate the problem.

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Ok, I got some ear drops and it says it contains “carbamide peroxide” what is this and why would they put it in ear drops?
I tried doing it the first night with 5 drops, and a few seconds after I lay down on the opposite side (lyed on right side with drops in left side) so it could tickle and fizz a bit, and then suddenly it got what seemed to be very muffled and ave me a strong feeling in my ear, and thats when the anxiety REALLY comes out, I start panicking badly until its gone, but that night i think i did really good because i kept it in pretty well and didnt paqnic as much as i did the first few times i got that feeling. but WHY do i get that feeling!? is it because the drops are filling the canal and blocking the hearing or something? but if thats the case, then why doesnt it just make the hearing muffled, instead of giving me that sort of congested feeling? I cant stand that one feeling and all i can think about is trying to make it stop while i have it. by the way, is peroxide suppose to make the ear wax disinigrate? because somebody else made a comment saying that on a different page I think but i know I saw it and I was wondering if thats what it actually does besides just loosening it. thanks. oh and i try to avoid q tips as mucg as possible, but sometimes in the morning after the oil or drops, i still have some oil/drops still there and leaves the canal a bit wet, so i gently put on it not far but just little dabs to dry it up a bit. i dont stick it around that curve sort of thing thats deeper ito the canal though because i dont want to push the wax in at all.

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The drops will soften the wax, making it easier for the ear to clean itself, or for the Doctor to remove, if it is too much or too deep.

Use a towel and your fingertip to dry your ears. You don’t need swabs for that.

Your ear feels congested when you put the drops in your ear because the drops are liquid, and therefore feels like fluid in your ear. As I’ve stated before, the ear canal and eardrum are highly ennervated and very sensitive, like your eyes. You know how a tiny little thing in your eye feels like a boulder? It’s a similar phenomena happening in the ear. The reason why it especially freaks you out seems to be related to your anxiety issues.

Just keep applying the drops as directed on the label. I suggest doing the better ear first, since it has little to no wax and doesn’t need to soak as long. Then do the worse side and let it soak as long as you can tolerate it, up to what the directions say. If you can’t make it the whole time, just try to exted the time by 15 seconds every time you use the drops.

Good luck!

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I see but, why does it give me the feeling though? it because its blocking the ear canal and filling it up or something? and 2 more things, If I do get that feeling, how long does it or should it take to go away on its on, without me having to try to get it to stop by pulling my ear a bit or something?( how long for water and how long for ear drops, because the drops im using are very sort of..slimy I guess you could say, and its pretty thick too.) Also, If the ENT irrigates my ears, then can the water thats squirted in go far enough to reach my ear drum and damage OR maybe even BREAK THROUGH my ear drum? Thats one of my worries of irrigation, I didn’t ask another doctor yet because I didn’t think of that until sometime after I last saw a doctor. Thanks for the help. by the way, I can actually feel the ear wax a bit deep in my ear canal, but I dont want to put my finger or anything up there often, and I can’t really tell if the wax is getting any closer.

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If you go to an otolaryngologist (ENT), removing wax is so routine that the likelihood of them damaging your eardrum is next to nothing. I have seen eardrums damaged by other healthcare providers who were not ear specialists, so they wind up in our office for treatment. The chances of damage rests more in how well you, the patient can stay relaxed and still.

As I said before, you get that feeling because you are putting a liquid in your ear. Liquid = Fluid, therefore, the sensation is pretty much the same. The drops will drift around and behind the wax, if possible; and will be absorbed by the wax to some degree. So not as much liquid cones out as you put in. The amount if time it takes the wax to come out depends on the quantity, depth, and consistency… which can only be determined by someone physically examining you.

Seriously. Go the the ENT and get it over with. Have some trust and faith. And get yourself some mental health care, because in the grand scheme of things, ear wax is quite insignificant, and you are making it into a far bigger ordeal than it has to be.

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I am looking into the EarPopper. Has anyone had an experience with it? Good results?

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Never heard of it. And just the name makes me suspicious. Stick to tried-and-true (and safe) techniques.

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@gailcalled: I posted a link, above. It just creates positive pressure to force the Eustachian tube open, which most people are able to do without gadgetry via the ValSalva maneuver.

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I’m seventeen years old, and very troubled.

My birthday was last sunday, and what a present I just got!
I was feeling fine, lately. Had a bit of a recurring cold, I’m more of a sniffler than a blower, when it comes to mucus buildup.

Anyway, my cold was pretty much gone, by last night, but now, as I woke up four hours ago(at 8AM), My left ear was completely blocked up. I can swiftly inhale through my nose to get my hearing back, but as soon as I yawn, or cough, it re-clogs.

I found a method on another site for pressing the tip of my finger into my ear, and pulling upwards on the skin to loosen the canals, or somethin’, and after trying that, and failing for nearly two hours, it got worse! So much for that. I tried the ValSalva, also, to no avail.

Now I’m sitting here, with a burning headache primarily on the left side of my head, and my ear still clogged. Any activity makes the headache worse, and there’s pain inside, and around my ear. I was going to try the “Lay in a bathtub, and submerge your ear” method, but I’m scared of causing permanent damage. I’ve been laying down nearly four hours straight, If I lay on my left side(The congested side)I exerience tiny amounts of pain and popping noises ensue. I hear the same small pops laying on my right side. Typing this now, I’m leaning my head against my left knee,(congested ear down,) And experiencing said pops every couple minutes. I’ve been failing to fall asleep, and writhing in my pain.

My useless father is still at work, he tossed me two Sudaffed’s, and scurried off, while my mother is getting her nails done. I’ve got a date with my girlfriend tommorrow. This had better not last, or I’ll force my father to take me to a doctor.

I’m alone at home, and cannot drive yet. Please help.

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hearkat-I would suggest going to the doctor. I too had an issue to where I thought it might have been built up wax, but apparently, my sinuses became backed up into my eaustation tube, and caused pressure, and hearing issues. The doctor prescribed me steroids, and within two days, the ear was drained, and the issue was gone. I’m actually suffering from that again, and now it’s in both ears at once. About to go see about fixing them again! Good luck!

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@lilipadster: If you read through all my replies above, as well as those on similar questions, you will see that I consistently tell people that there are many possible causes of similar symptoms, and that the only way to obtain an accurate diagnosis and start on appropriate treatment is to have a qualified medical professional examine the ears.
Steroids are not typically prescribed for congestion in the sinuses or ears, so there may have been other concerns in your particular case. I hope you feel better soon!

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I have had a sever sinus infection. I got a perscription and it didn’t work. So the Dr. prescribed a Z-pack. I am feeling better, but my ears are all clogged up and I can’t stand it. I feel like I am under water and the pressure is not behind my ears but infront. I don’t have pain, just pressure. I hate talking cause I hear myself more inside. I yawn it doesn’t work. I feel like it will never go away. My ears feel extremely full of whatever. I wonder if it is wax but where I have had such a bad sinus infection I doubt it. I am also taking an antihistamine with IBprofin. I don’t know how long it takes to feel relief, I just started that one day ago. I have never been like this before. I do still feel pressure in my cheek bones a little pain too. Is there anything I can do or just go to a Ears, Throat and Nose doctor?

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@apermann: The Z-pack is administered for 5 days, but it still takes the antibiotic at least a week to take full effect. And once any bacteria have been killed, it can take a few more weeks for the fluid to drain from the ears. In some extreme cases, it can take up to 8 weeks before the ears fully return to normal pressure.

Stay the course – take the medications as prescribed. Drink plenty of fluids; use a humidifier; apply heat to the ears to help ease the pressure sensation; etc. You’ll probably be feeling better in a few days.

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My ENT doctor has given me Mucinex D and told me to try holding my nose and putting pressure by blowing gently. He cleaned out my ear and I am going back to see him. My ear problem resulted from an ear infection. I have been anxious for problem resolution because I hate the ringing in my ear and have only about 20% hearing in my left ear. It takes some time to get over it. Also, the ENT doctor had me take a hearing test prior to seeing mr and it showed poor hearing in my left ear when compared to my right ear. Buddy in Austin, TX

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Hi Hearkat and all:
I realize this seems to be a very old thread, so if anyone’s still around…. : ]
I have a stranger problem. Last December (it’s now May), I had blockage and clicking in my right ear. It’s come and gone since then. Thought it was gone, actually.
Then last week, out of nowhere I felt a strange “vibrating” feeling in that ear, like waves of air. For a couple of days, everything felt TOO LOUD in that ear; I even had to put in tissue to keep the noises from feeling like waves of loud, physical pressure.
Tried a Debrox kit; no wax came out, but sound then became more muffled. Tried Sudafed PE beginning last night.
Hearing feels fairly normal again today, but woke up with a sense of imbalance.
Sounds like a Eustachian issue, but why did things get louder / more sound sensitized??

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@pardan11: Sounds being too loud and dysequilibrium could be due to pressure changes or more serious problems. There are too many possibilities, so all I can do is advise you to go to your physician – ideally an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. Good luck!

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I had a chest infection 2 months ago and had two courses of antibiotics, they didn’t help, then it went to my ears, first the left and now both, I only have about 30% hearing now and the doctor today says my ears are clear. I have tried inhalers steam over a basin with olbus oil, holding my nose and blowing, I don’t have any pain as such but life is very difficult especially on the phone at work. Any suggestions please

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@suttongirl136: How do you know it’s “30%” hearing? Has your hearing been tested? The only way to learn the exact nature and degree of hearing loss is to have a comprehensive evaluation. That, when followed by a medical examination by an ear specialist, is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis and better treatment options for your specific condition.

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Hi, I gues this one is for Hearkat… :) I was at my doc’s today with a migraine from heck… and he checked my ears (as he always done as they are either irritated, or what’s the English word… red and the tympan is often irritated as well). Anyways, he told me my ears were “congested”. I’m like ok, bad news #3 today, how do I fix it, he said you don’t. Well, I refuse to just lay down and live the rest of my life in pain. My ears (especially the right, side I sleep on), hurt often, and using sofracort brings SOME relief. When I eat stuff that I am allergic to, (or that my body reacts badly too) it feels like I have pins and needles in the base of my ears (under the flap part). I don’t even know where to start. I’m prone to ear infections, so I am VERY careful about getting any liquid in them, don’t use qtips (much) ;) and don’t like people touching them either (the ears not the qtips). Any suggestions? He said that my migraines (and dizzyspells that’s I’ve recently been getting) were the result in part, of my ears, (also a slightly elevated blood pressure). (shaking head). I dunno. I blame it on the endless snow. :) I’d truly appreciate input on this one. Thanks in advance! Cynthia

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