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Should I try to do any work today or should I just give up and stay on Fluther?

Asked by janbb (58374points) April 8th, 2009

I’m at work and doing a really boring job. I keep turning to Fluther. Should I just give up any pretense of trying to look productive? (I’m in an office on my own today too.) :-)

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Stay in, get high, answer some pointless questions, have a wank, it will be a good day!

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Give up. It’s hopeless. Once you start you can’t stop.

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Stay on fluther. you’re boss will look in once in a while and see how much you are typing and give you a raise for being so productive!

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I vote fluther, it is what I am doing at work today also.

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D’you have one of those fake Excel screensavers at the ready?

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Oh, just Fluther away the day!

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Divvy it up, that way when you look back tomorrow you won’t feel as guilty. Use this handy equation:

each new lurve you get = 1 additional fluther hour

BTW I just GQ’d this

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@mcbealer Good suggestion – that’s kind of the tack i’m taking.

BTW, I just GA’d you but it took the link away and didn’t give you your GA. What’s up with that?

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@janbb ~ it’s on there now :0)

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The logical answer is to recommend that you stay with Fluther for the duration of your work day. Look busy there but be active here. =)

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I always like being logical. Well now I’m home so I can Fluther with impunity!

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Should you try to do any work today or just give up and stay on Fluther?

Fluther, hands down. (No pun intended).

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cant really say im online all the day and im no one to judge do what makes you happy but you should have a job(part time maybe) lol xP

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