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What is the funniest/strangest name of a person you know?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) December 17th, 2009

I know a Mr. Cummings, Saxon Justice, Anthony D. Weiner, and Bo Butts. Who do you know that has an awesome or funny name?

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iRemy y

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I met a man named Happy once.

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A boy named Boner

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A boy named Sue.

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Lafter Commons

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Aetta Dick and Aetta Cox

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The Reator of the TV show Law and Order
Dick Wolf

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Orange hooker

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@Mowens Told me this story, which happened to a friend of his, who we’ll call Jim

Jim is a dermatologist. One day, he had a child visit him who needed a mole removed. The name on the sheet was “La-a”. He entered the office with the page in hand, and unsure of how it should be pronounced, asked if he could see “Law ah”. The mother gave him a stern look and said, very matter of factly: ”Ladasha. You best not be forgetting the dash.”

On my end, I know of a kid named John-the-Baptist. This is his first name, including the hyphens. His mother will correct you if you simply call him John.

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I have a ‘Thorin’ and ‘Maren’ on my end. Not too exciting.

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richard less

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I know an orthodontist named Dr. Beaver.
A mortician named Hacker and a surgeon named Dr. Butcher, but those are just strange because of their professions.
I do know a girl named Misty Dawn, but I think that is pretty.

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I guess the funny names I can think of are contextually amusing…

My good friend is Mr. Wilcock (he’s gay :D)

I also have a friend named Ayano, which makes for silly introductions
N: “What’s you name?”
A: “Ayano”
N: “How can you not know?!”

My primary care physician in California was Dr. Au (yes, like the “ou” in ouch)

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My brother-in-law told me he met a Psychologist working in a VA psych ward Dr. Loony

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Cinnamon McCracken.

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This is a last name of a “rich and distinguished” family I know: Lilycrap. Pronounced as you’d imagine.

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Weiner Cadet

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My friend’s realtor was named Mike Hunt. Say it out loud. Truly unfortunate. I can’t figure out why he wouldn’t go by Micheal.

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Eggberth Arrindell, Jr.

Isn’t it enough the first time. If you went through your childhood with that name, why would you choose to inflict it on your son also?

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We knew a man named Welcome Baby Darling. He was a business exec. and went by W.B. Darling. We also knew a man named Marcus Farcus .. Sometimes you wonder what parents are thinking when they name their kids.

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wow thats sooo funny XD

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Buzz Lightyear.

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true story…Harry Bush! worked an ins. claim on him….

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@disturbed_broken : what does XD mean? I keep seeing it.

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Jealousy – from s africa :)

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@Pretty_Lilly : at first i was like, really? you can’t just tell me… but i’m happy you sent that link. thank you!! it made me laugh. and i HATE lol with a passion!!!

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i had a DARE student back in 2003 whose name was jennifer fucks. don’t know how she made it to the fifth grade with that name.

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my friend’s ex gf name was nathaniel… awkward
there’s also a girl at my school with the name jen italia pronounced genitalia
oh and a highschool councelor dick strong (tech. richard but everyone called him dick)

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@charliecompany34 i had a science teacher who called us by Dr.last name. imagine Dr. fucks =P

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Girl in college – April Mae Schnauer (pronounced shower)
Her room mate was Cris Cross
Both were in the Marching Band at UCincy

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I went to high school with a girl named Am’Unique. Not so unique as my father has a student with the same name right now.

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Barack Hussein Obama

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Uschi Cox

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I do genealogy. One member of my family tree had the maiden name Flippen. She married a man named Savage. She hyphenated her name, and the kids were Flippen-Savages.

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I know a girl named Anita Dick.

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@filmfann hahaha that’s so great. I only wish I could have that name.. probably just for a day cause the jokes would get old.

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I once worked with a guy…swear to God…his name was Richard Head. The man had no sense of humor, go figure. Thanks mom and dad, for that handle. And he went by Richard, not Rick or Ricky…it was Richard (DO NOT CALL ME DICK) Head.
Poor phucker.

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@Corporate_Avenger Funny you said that I actually knew a retired Sargent Major that worked at the Tampa VA his name was Dick Weed and he was completely oblivious to his name.!!! ???

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My mother-in-law gave most of her kids unusual names: Champ, LaVenna, Bambi, and Davon, Anna and John also, but those aren’t unusual names. LaVenna named her 4 daughters Taylor, Scout, Piper, Asher and Moxie, her little boy on the way will be named Aero.

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@Corporate_Avenger and @Pretty_Lilly My stepdad is Richard (Dick) Weed, used to be in the Navy in Norfolk VA. Small world, huh?

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@missyb – I think I can speak for Pretty_Lily here; “Wow, that is…I’m sure that…Uhhhh…I got nothing.”

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Jason Mar – flip it and it reads Mason Jar – middle initial A – JAM
Lemonjello pronounced limongillo

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Ima Wolfe her maiden name was Ima Pigg. True story.

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This was a topic of discussion at a family dinner recently.
My mother told us of couple who named their daughter Ima, their last name was Hogg.
She also knew of a Shanda and Cava Leer. (I think they may have been twins)
My sister added that she knew of a Sara Lee and Kitty chou.

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Charles. I don’t know why, but that name is hilarious.

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I remember when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were expecting their first child.
I was really hoping they would name the child “Up”.

You know, so it would be Up Chuck and Di.

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Recently I came across a woman by the name of Hymen Slutski. no joke.

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I know of a student who’s name is literally pronounced “No Trojan On”. I seriously thought the name was french or something until the mother corrected me, complete with pauses between words.

Great way to let your kid know he was a mistake.

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@RocketSquid is that how it’s spelled to?

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@iRemy_y Thankfully it’s not. I don’t want to put the full spelling here, since it’s a, er, fairly unique name and I got it from work.

A mother called in, and I asked for the account number, which she provided. The account came up, and the name was very, very similiar to Nah’Trej’enahn (Obviously not the real spelling). Not wanting to mispronounce the name, I put her on mute and asked a coworker I was talking with how to pronounce it. He thinks about it and starts to laugh, say “No trojan on!” I chuckled and said “I’m not gonna say that”, took her off of mute, and asked if this was for (phonetically) “Neigh Trey Sheeon”, to which the mother replied “No Trojan On”. She had pauses between each word. I barely hit the mute button on time.

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Dick Head. I never met him but I used to see his name on correspondence where I worked.

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from Junior High: Emmett Willett – poor guy.

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Clint Oris.

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knew a foriegn exchange student who wrote his name down in English as Shithead.

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LemonJello and OrangeJello and Shithead….heard it a million times and it’s always someone’s student or cousin. I call BULLSHIT!!!!! If I had three wishes, though…they’d all be real humans.

I had a student named C’Lantro and I have a friend whose father is Dick Seamen. Swearsies.

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I know of a lady whose name is Ping Pong. I have personally met Dwayne Pipe, Victor Mower, Donald Duck, and Peter Fartazynski

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I see this is an old question but had to note: Somebody named Gay B. Dingle-Butler is apparently faxing resumes around my area, for example here. S/he has a LinkedIn profile. Dying to know if this person is for real.

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I new a kid growing up named Barry Blows. I kid you not. Also, I met someone named Thinner After Shuab. I’m not sure if thats how its spelled, but that’s how it’s pronounced. XD

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Mr. Kochtitzky (his first name is equally amusing but I can’t say it – it’s sort of like Dick though). There is a video fitness instructor named Gay Gasper.

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A child in a school I worked at was named A’Million Lewis

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I knew a Mr. Meaner

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My grandmother had a friend years ago named ’ Ima Cherry’

And..I once saw a wedding announcement in my local paper for a couple getting married, their names were ’ Larry & Terry Derryberry’ !!!!!!

Wonder if they named thier kids Mary or Larry or Jerry or Harry. lol

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Oh, and I had a dentist named Dr. Payne. hehe

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I just visited an Orthopedic Doctors office where one of the associates name was Dr. Bone.

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Once worked with a girl named Eon Photon Smith.

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My older kids swear that they went to school with (spelling phonetically) Yung Fat Ho.

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@Harold This whole thread is amusing, but for some reason ‘Peter Fartazinski’ got the best chuckle out of me…

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When I first heard it in Texas, I thought Ima Hogg was a fictional person, but it seems she has a big place in Texas history.

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Once had a doctor called Coffin

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I once worked with a guy who disliked his given first name so much he had his name legally changed to “Scooter”. I never found out his original name, but I know he had a sister named “Adorable”.

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