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Did popcorn taste better when Mom made it?

Asked by YARNLADY (45902points) July 8th, 2009

When all you had to do was argue, he got more than I did, hers has more butter than mine. Mom brought you the bowls, and the orange juice she had just squeezed? Wasn’t that special?

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my mum couldn’t make popcorn. in fact, she couldn’t realy cook. and neither could my dad. all the home made food was horrible.

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All I had was ghetto-ass Jiffy Pop growing up.

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But Jiffy Pop was so much fun! It didn’t taste very good though, did it? I kind of miss the days of melting butter and pouring it all over the popcorn. There could never be too much butter, and almost never too much salt.

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I might as well have been eating packing peanuts, yes.

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I’m 31 years old and don’t know what popcorn tastes like. I just know I didn’t like it. And I worked at a movie theater for three years. Free popcorn was one of the perks. But I never ate any.

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@johnpowell Working around any kind of food tends to spoil the enjoyment of it.

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@YARNLADY I’m sure a bacon salesman would say otherwise.

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@YARNLADY :: And part of my job was getting the cold oil warm enough to flow. That stuff is scary. I wouldn’t want that in me.

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@johnpowell Oh, yes, those oil pop machines. We had one in the Little League snack shack when I volunteered there. My mom made air popped over a fireplace, using a basket with a long, long handle.

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As far as i remember my mum didn’t make popcorn , nor did she buy it from a shop to be popped in the microwave. I do love popcorn , i like it plain or with garlic salt and tobasco sauce .

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I’ve never found better tasting popcorn than what I can find in a movie theater. Unfortunately, I don’t eat it much these days because I rarely pay 9 dollars for a movie ticket and 5 more dollars for a tub of popcorn anymore. =(

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Don’t forget popcorn with cheese.

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If we broaden our horizons to include popcorn mixtures such as @Marina pointed out, then I’d have to say that Poppycock is some of the best tasting popcorn I’ve ever eaten also.

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No, my mom used to burn the popcorn and then the whole container would smell this was back in the popcorn in the oil days then came alone the air popper which rocked, of course because mom couldn’t burn the popcorn. But through all that the best popcorn ever still came from the movie theaters, back when they used real butter and not this lame “butter-flavored topping” which for all I know is flavored urine I mean oil as that’s what it tastes like.

Nowadays the best popcorn is the half-stale crap you get covered in cheese_flavored?_ topping from those canisters. Sad really… quite sad. :-(

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Mom used to grab an old pot with a lid, heated it up, added some oil and poured in hard corn kernels that she got from a bag. When it was done, she drenched it with melted butter and salt. So good!

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Popcorn? Eh, it always got burnt on the bottom of the pot. And I hated how the husks got caught in my teeth. I don’t eat popcorn today because of that.

I didn’t realize what a mediocre cook my aunt was until I started really cooking and baking at 12. The one thing people raved over of her food was sweet potato pie. Apparently, she was good with the pie.

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@Bluefreedom Poppycock is one of my downfalls. I love it. I will risk hulls in teeth for it.

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@Marina. I feel the same way. It is great stuff.

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ick… there’s no such thing as good-tasting popcorn.

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My grandma made the best popcorn. She popped it on the stove in a big, heavy pot using Crisco. Then she poured butter over it and salted liberally. We would sit on the porch steps and eat it while waiting for Mom to come from work on 2nd shift. Best popcorn in the world.

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We made Jiffy Pop with my son recently, he thought it was amazing. It didn’t taste too bad.
I don’t think I’ve ever had homecooked popcorn, I want some now!

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Mom made it in a special pot, on the stove. Then she melted the butter and added a little salt. The tupperware bowls came out and we sat there with our popcorn and Kool-Aid and watched something on TV. YUM!

I remember when we graduated to the popper (you could melt the butter on top), that was good, too – not as good, though!

Death to popcorn was the Air Popper. very sad

We still do Jiffy Pop, sometimes.

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