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What are the best hikes with dogs in Marin County near San Francisco?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) April 9th, 2009
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Mt. Tam
Point Reyes

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Pt. Reyes hardly allows dogs except on the beach. Most of Mt. Tam doesn’t allow dogs.
I’m looking for SPECIFIC trails, actual hiking, not just beach. Anyone? Best hikes for dogs?

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Try googling county parks and rec.

(I’ve hiked on trails with dogs on mt. Tam before….so there are areas that it a ok)

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This might not be what you’re looking for, but I see people hiking along the headlands, by the old bunkers often. Sorry I can’t be more specific with trail names and such.

I know for Colorado, there’s a book about good hikes for dogs. Maybe you can check your local bookstore and see if there’s something similar?

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One of my favorites is Muir Woods. Here is a trail map. The redwoods are fantastic. Weekends can be crowded unless you get an early start.

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Have you been to Samuel Taylor Park? Nice hikes among redwood trees; not as crowded as Muir Woods. Don’t specifically know about dog regulations but think it would be o.k.

The Bolinas trail is very nice too and more secluded than othere parts of Pt. Reyes.

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Thanks everyone for the hiking suggestions, but my question had to do with DOGS. I know lots of great hikes in the Bay area. I’m looking for DOG HIKES! Pt. Reyes doesn’t allow dogs. Muir Woods doesn’t allow dogs. Although those spots are some of my favorites.

so far I’ve found parts of Mt. Tam- especially the north side- with dog-friendly trails. Other suggestions?

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Sounds like a job for the internet then.

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To test my theory, I just googled “dog-friendly hikes marin county” and came up with at least 10 good sites, including some in Pt. Reyes. Hope this helps!

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Have you tried google? ; )

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I am a little late with this answer but here goes.
Try Blithedale Summt Preserve, Camino Alto Preserve, and Baltimjore Canyon all reachable from Mill valley, CM, Larkspur and Kentfield.
Specifically a good hike where your dog can be off leash under voice control is:
Drive down West Blithedale in Mill Valley until it ends at the Blithedale Ridge trailhead, park. Take Old RR Grade at the trailhead for 0.2 miles to H-Line, turn right and go up H-Line FR. From the top of there you can go right along Blithedale Ridge; you can go left straight uphill towards Mt Tam; or you can go downhill 0.2 miles to reach the easy, straight Southern Marin Line FR which goes a ways in either direction. There are many loop opportunities – just consult a trail map to find one you like.

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This sounds like an excellent Kevin Costner vehicle:

Hikes with Dogs

You should write up a script and shop it around a little.

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@CyanoticWasp Followed by the sequel Watches T.V. with Cats no doubt!

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thank you th9485!! I’m going to try camino alto and blythedale. phoenix lake is a current favorite.

I hate when people answer me on here with “try google”... I use fluther for things that I’m not getting good info on with google!

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