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Good hike suggestions within 1 hour south of San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4083points) March 14th, 2008

I’m trying to find a good, short-ish hike in the area south of San Francisco. I’ll have about 2 hours for the hike, and afterwards have to be in Burlingame (about 20 min south of SF). Any ideas for a really good hike somewhere around there? Santa Cruz is too far south… somewhere closer would be great.

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Crystal springs is a beautiful area for hikes.

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Maybe somewhere in the Half Moon Bay area?

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Two listed above are good places

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There’s always Twin Peaks up in SF…

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Ditto for Half Moon Bay

Also Skyline Blvd area. Theres a winery with gorgeous views. Thomas Fogarty Winery, it is off Skyline Blvd. I was there once and still remember breathtaking views.

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Rancho San Antonio down in the Cupertino hills.

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Thanks for all the suggestions! We ended up going to the open space preserve off of Skyline (92) called the Purisima Redwoods preserve. It was beautiful! I would definitely recommend it for other hikers in that area. And it was only a 15 min drive from Burlingame.

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