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What is agripower?

Asked by Espin01 (32points) November 29th, 2007

I saw this term and so I searched google and but I could not find the meaning.

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Hmmm, couldn’t find one primary definition but the most interesting looks like using waste biomass to generate electricity and heat. (found at AgriPower Inc.)

Examples of ‘biomass’ they give include propane, coconut oil, wood chips, sawdust, sugar cane bagasse, coconut and peanut shells, coffee and rice husks, rice grass, etc. according to their site.

It looks like it’s probably something of a marketing term that’s pretty ambiguous right now but may be hammered out over time. I guess you’d have to go with the context of the term to get a good read.

But hey, I learned something and figured I would share.

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