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Can you develop cardiac arrhythmia because of THC?

Asked by LanceVance (640points) April 14th, 2009

Just a thought… can THC alone (no other factors considered) be responsible for developing arrhythmia?

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Absolutely. Among other things, the effects of THC can cause increased heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow, metabolism, as well as (on the plus side) increased oxygenation to the blood probably as a result of the stimulated opening of aveoli in the lungs. There are quite a few varying effects caused by THC and it doesn’t need any other factors to cause them. Overdose on the chemical can lead to tachycardia, paranoia, psychosis and other fun ailments, although fortunately not death as many will attest. However the scariest of all effects of THC might be the infectious laughter, even when viewing spanish infomercials…and the sudden rapid disappearance of cookies in the vacinity. Have fun.

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THC you mean The History Channel?
I guess you can…

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Nope. Real scientists proved it would take hundreds of standard joint worth of marijuana just to kill a rat. The only way cannabis could kill you is possibly asphyxiation, but that would be tight.

Remember real scientists said it, so its legit.

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