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What's the Greatest Cartoon Character of All Time?

Asked by gambitking (4206points) April 14th, 2009

For those responding with “Mickey Mouse”, may God have mercy on your soul

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The Tick!

Or, if graphic novels are inclusive, I might throw in Rorschach.

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What’s wrong with Mickey?

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Jonny Quest.
No wait I change my vote to Speed Racer.

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First instinct was Garfield. Sounded good to me, so I’m sticking to it. LOL

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Clutch Cargo and their freaky real human mouths!

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Stewie Griffin

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I mean Sasuke!!!

I mean… uh… Hinata?

Stewie Griffin. I second the person above me.

[my favorite scene is when he’s sucking on Peter’s breast, and then the look of horror that comes over him is hilarious.] watch

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That’s a tough question, but I’m gonna have to go with the Conjunction Junction man from Schoolhouse Rock. He had the coolest hat – I always wanted one…

Mickey Mouse comes in a close second, though…

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Casper. Original Black and White Casper. But some cute ones are in color. I have a lot of B&W ones on VHS that I adore.

Most are combined with Little Lulu shorts. <3

I also like Marvin the Martion, Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny.

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@sdeutsch: Oh dear god I loved that one, and Lolly Lolly lolly.

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Pink Panther…I’ve always thought he was a badass.

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The Roadrunner. But I’m going to agree that the Pink Panther was a badass.

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@robmandu: they made a Watchmen animated miniseries :P

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Daffy Duck. Bugs Bunny may be who we wish we were, but Daffy is more of who we are and that’s OK. Everyone can relate to him.

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I think Mickey Mouse has it wrapped!

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Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree, Pink Panther was the shit.

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Lurve for EWJ!

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Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose or
Peabody and Sherman (his boy) – I can’t decide.

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Foghorn Leghorn

@robmandu Loved Clutch Cargo and his pals Spinner and Paddlefoot!

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The Road Runner (and Wiley Coyote) a teen, was what we hit the sack to in the early hours of a Saturday morning to cap off a long eve of teenage nonsense in the 70’s

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Who’s got the sweetest disposition?
One guess, guess who.
Who never, ever starts an argument?
Who never shows a bit of temperment?
Who’s never wrong and is always right?
Who’d never dream of starting a fight?
Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
No one, but Donald Duck.

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James the Cat or possibly Henry’s cat

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Donald Duck is a traitor, he was created to perpetuate the idea that allowing the government to withdraw taxes was a good idea, and a patriotic act!

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Jerry – simple, witty, astute, cute and clever

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Probably not the greatest, but my absolute favorite is Kimba the White Lion.

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@robmandu I love The Tick! My fave was the episode that involved making an army of evil Ticks by cloning. But the clones were all made of snot because it was the wrong kind of tissue sample.

@uberbatman The Pinky and the Brain theme song sticks in my head forever!

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I don’t about anyone else, but as a child I was a HUGE (!) G.I. Joe fan!! And I never rooted for the good guys with regards to any show. The bad guys always had cooler weapons and uniforms! So, to be quick about it I would have to say COBRA COMMANDER!

I’m a dork aren’t I?

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@Marina; YES! Foghorn Leghorn, I second that!

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I’m changing my answer to Droopy the Dog.

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Quagmire from “Family Guy”.

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Woody Woodpecker.
You have to love a pecker named Woody.

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Homer Simpson, there is no need to go further…

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…yes there is. Scooby Doo.

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Well, I do like Mickey Mouse. He is definitely one of the most famous.

I also think Homer Simpson should be ranked up there.

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Scooby Doo, Marvin the Martin, Brain. Oh…I loved the Conjunction Junction guy! Conjunction Junction what’s your function?

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I think Arnold from hey Arnold or Doug from . . .Doug are my favorite

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giggety giggety goo

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Since Rocky and Bullwinkle and Droopy have already been mentioned, I will go with Leopold “Butters” Stotch.

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I loved the Tick—- SPOOOOOOOONN!!!!!

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That’s a good question (unlike so many other questions at Fluther). To be the greatest, I think the character ought to:

• Be a golden ager. I think of Warner in the ‘30s and ‘40s as the best period for cartoons.

• Be funny. Which rules out all but a few from Disney.

• Be part of a good ensemble. I might’ve gone for Felix the Cat, if his co-stars in his later pictures weren’t so lame.

• Be well animated. Sorry, but that strikes out characters from every studio that ever saved a buck with limited animation.

So my vote goes for Roger Rabbit, who worked for Maroon Cartoons in the ‘30s, is roll-in-the-aisles funny, works harmoniously with Jessica Rabbit and Baby Herman, and moves on screen with grace and originality and smooth lines.

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There are many with far more noteriety but I’d have to say…
A charecter on the show by the same name, it used to be on cartoon network at the turn of (this) century.

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Lurve for considering this question in depth. :)

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Oh, wait – how could I forget about Danger Mouse? He’s one of my very favorites (I even have the first two seasons on DVD!)

@asmonet I love Lolly Lolly Lolly too – and we can’t forget Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla!

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@sdeutsch I loved Dangermouse too!

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Tom & Jerry

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Yakko from Animaniacs! Dot and Wakko are cool too.

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Calvin and his trusty tiger.

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@fireside; If comic strip characters are allowed then I agree with you 110%.

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@J0E – no worries, he counts as a cartoon : )

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Much lurve for my Calvin and his little tigger. Proof that art, can be edgy, satirical and innocent.:)

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It saddens me that Calvin is now the poster child for peeing on symbols. He was so much more than that.

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It’s exactly why Bill Watterson (who shares my b-day!) did not license Calvin. He wasn’t in it to become a millionaire. But of course some awful thing was going to be created, Calvin was almost pure id and that appeals to people.

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My daughter loves the idea of Mickey and Minnie Mouse – met them at Disney, but hasn’t seen the cartoons. More up to date she loves Phineas and Ferb!

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Felix the Cat, Michigan J. Frog, and/or the Pink Panther.

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Mickey mouse!
Mini mouse, Donald Duck, Duck Tales, Popeye, Tom & Jerry, ... and all cartoon network!

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@filmfann We named our cat Butters. :D

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@squirbel no the best one is when stewie is making fun of chris for being fat and steadily getting fat himself. He is sitting alone eating in his high-chair when the silence is broken with a squeek, then a creek, a long silence…. and BAM! he crashes to the floor screaming “damn it!” LMAO best clip ever.

- just lift me up!
– Oh i would but my doctor warned me against heavy lifting.

and check out the clip –

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The Kevisaurus of Kevonia. It’s a work in progress, still progressing, coming to an internet connection near you.

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freakin hilarious – I LOVE seth mcfarlane!!!!!!!

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the road runner i mean he could always outsmart the coyote….... or maybe olive oil from pop eye she was pretty cool

angelic_fire_hazzard55555's avatar

no wait maybe pepe le pu is better errrrrr i cant decide

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My personal fave has got to be TAZ.

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@daveboy welcome to fluther. lurve.

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Spongebob. ‘Nuff said.

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Robert Crumb’s ‘Fritz the Cat’, the’ Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers’’ and ‘Fat Freddy’s Cat’.

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