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Macbook's aluminum unibody is it prone to scratches?

Asked by FrancisRude (225points) April 14th, 2009

I got one of them, and im just wondering if it can get scratched easily?

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Honestly its pretty resistant, but if you are a neat freak like my friend, there are some very nice plastic covers for it.

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haha yeah im quite the OCD. the only thing that sucks is putting the battery cover back, LOL. It would kinda scrape some “aluminum” off the edges due to the force when latching the cover in. oh well no biggie haha, i got a little scrape on the edge.

Do you own a unibody too @tigran ?

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I haven’t seen much of a problem with scratching, and we have about a dozen of them right now that get quite a bit of use. In fact, they are so slick I’m always afraid people will drop them!

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awesome! @crisw i really like mine and i just converted to Mac! Best machine i’ve ever owned, other than my Blackberry Storm hahahaha.

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No they are not.

Just take care of it, and don’t put a case on it :(, IMO that ruins the sexiness of its looks.

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Everyone is saying that they don’t scratch easily, however, mine really does. If you put it in a bag with maybe one grain of sand, you’ll see some scratches. Mine also has some little scrapes/scratches but there’s one HUGE one on the back of the battery cover. .
I freak about even the littlest scratches, so… ^—-^;
Even though it is quite elegant and “smexi” without a case, if you are OCD about getting even the littlest scratch, you should get a case. There’s a clear one, if it helps.
I keep trying to look for a green one from Speck because I hear they have really good covers, but anyway, aluminum scratches easily, which might explain why they changed the cases back to the white polycarbonate.

Hope it helped! :D


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@elleskii yeah, i don’t have any scratches.. well i bumped by MB, and just a little on the back.. nothing major… :)

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