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Where can I buy custom made pants?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) April 15th, 2009

I can NOT find pants that fit me right…ever. I think it’s because I’m short for a guy. If they fit around the waist then they’re too long and get scrunched up at my shoes. But I like them to be slightly baggy but not get scrunched. Do any other short people battle with this problem? If so, where do you go to find/order pants that fit perfectly? Everyone around seems to have clothes that fit great.

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Just go to any store that has a tailor. Or take the pants TO a tailor.

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Welcome to the world of tailoring! Find pairs that fit your waist, then bring them to a third party tailor and they will hem them to your desired length for a few dollars. Hemming pants is a very simple modification, and it’s the best way to let you keep shopping in stores you already like. Plus it’s much cheaper than buying custom tailored pants.

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Kind of expensive, but Bill’s Khakis is a good example of this process.

You’ll note that you order the pants by waist size alone. When they arrive, the legs are long with no cuff at the end. They intend for you to cut them to length for a tailored fit.

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Yeah I’m worried I will look strange if I have my jeans hemmed up…

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What you need to worry about more is the rise of your pants being a short guy. Unless you can specify the length of the rise, stay away from web purchases. Pants where the rise is too long will have your pockets LOW on you. A tailor can tailor it.

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If you buy from a larger store, such as J.C.Penney or any decent department store they will have a tailor on staff who will trim and hem your pants purchases to measure. They don’t just hem them. They trim off the extra material and finish them off they way they are supposed to be with a cuff or without a cuff. They don’t usually do blue jeans as those often come in various leg lengths, but they can. It is a small fee over and above the cost of the pants.

Various mens’ stores such as Mens Warehouse or nicer stores will do the same, but the prices might be a bit higher than at a department store, and not all of those stores carry jeans as well as slacks and suits.

You can also get completely custom pants from a tailor, but that will cost considerably more than having an existing pair fixed.

Or you can do what my husband did – he retired so he can wear shorts all the time. :-)

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@Mr_M… good advice!!

I cannot stand a long rise. And Bill’s Khaki’s often leans towards “classic” styling. I guess back in WWII, people walked around with their waistband up around their midriff.

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