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is there a website where you can type in where you live and it will tell you cheap flights to anywhere?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) December 3rd, 2007

i want to go somewhere hot and great for xmas/new years. yah i know its late. anyway, somewhere where the flight will be cheap and i can stay somewhere cheap, hostel, palapas, whatever. help!

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I don’t know about “anywhere” but while I was in Europe I used which was very good for my purposes. What I really liked about this website was that it had really nice bar charts of ticket prices throughout the month, so I could really see how much the few days difference might make.

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if you have an account with an airline, like I’m signed up for United, then you’ll get emails with special deals from your city. Otherwise, I have an account with, which is free to sign up for, and it has the cheapest flights of any website.

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where do you live?

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san francisco

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Aside from doing a regular search through standard sites like Kayak, I also sign up for email notices from Travelzoo and Airfare watchdog (

These sites send me current deals from my home airport to US and International cities.

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hi what you are looking for is

It does exactly what you said there!

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