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If Susan Boyle was an American would she have ever been discoverd?

Asked by GAMBIT (3847points) April 17th, 2009

Susan Boyle has become a household name. Would she have gotten any fame or is she just too plain and would have remained the same, a small town dame.

What do we look for in our American entertainers must they have a certain look.

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I’m not convinced she HAS to be so plain. I’m beginning to think it was a “schtick”, i.e., a gimmick, that sets her apart from the multitude of other good singers. It worked in England and it would have worked in this country. It DID work in this country.

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God I LOVE Simon Cowell’s smile!! And good for her!

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In point of fact, I don’t think you can say that someone who auditions for a talent show is “discovered,” exactly—she placed herself in a contest where other would hear her sing, and she was heard and her obvious talent acknowledged. No serendipity involved here at all.

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Sometimes talent blows everything else that we consider out of the water!

Her confidence was amazing. She knew she had it. What she didn’t know was if she could sell it. She did!

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I absolutely hate that it even has to be headline news. This world is so shallow and so cynical and so quick to judge and laugh and make fun of people that we’re actually surprised by her talent because she doesn’t look like Kelly Clarkson and isn’t 22. I’m glad she is getting the recognition she deserves. I am ashamed that we live in that kind of world. That said…in America if she had gone on stage and belted it out in the same way than I think it would have gone just as it did in Britain. First the doubt, then the amazement.
I just wish we lived in a world that was less judgemental from the outset.

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I highly doubt that she would have been discovered had she been in America.
She probably would have been considered “ugly” from the very start and shooed away, even before she got her chance to sing.

Sorry, I just think Americans are far more superficial than Brits are.

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She’s a classic underdog, underdogs have mass appeal so long as you present them as underdogs.

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I so enjoyed that utube—first I love the song, and I thought her voice was wonderful. She was the spinster—the last of a gaggle of children who had the responsibility of caring for her aging mother. That must happen a lot in big families. Her talent must have been known to some, her family and her church. But what a sweet moment it was, to sing out like that for such a crowd. And what a fun response. I hope the whole thing was true.

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I just stumbled on an article in the New York times about Susan Boyle, read only the headline and saw the picture, so I proceeded as many times before to youtube to see what it was about.

I don’t cry. I can count the times I have cried in my life. While seeing her and listening to her big round drops just formed, filled my eyes and slowly rolled down my cheaks and suddenly I wept like a freaking colic struck baby.

She is not pretty and I read that she said she has never been kissed. That’s weird. That is one hell of a woman. The attitude and strength she radiates, and that talent, should get her more than a few men. Maybe she is picky or just not interested, but by god, I for one want to kiss that woman.

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