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Are you going to celebrate 4/20 tomorrow?

Asked by aviona (3260points) April 19th, 2009

If so, how? Something extravagant or a little more modest, perhaps?

It is a Monday, so if you’re going to celebrate are you going to have to go on with your daily routine (work/school, etc.) as well?

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I’m going to get baked in the morning with several groups of friends, and then I think we’re planning on going into the city, and chilling/smoking in Washington Square Park. Then we’ll probably walk around, and come back around 3, smoke some more with some other people, have a jam session maybe, go to a park. Nothing set in stone, other than that we’ll be stoned, but it’ll be awesome.

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No, but school starts later on Monday (9:00 A.M.) and then we have a senior meeting, so classes will be shortened even more. I’m sure many of my friends will be smoking before and after school plenty, though.

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Yes, and I will be celebrating the birthday of a great man…

…my uncle John.

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I will be celebrating by buying a can of Oust and lighting up lots of incense. My boy roomie will be toking enough for the entire building, and I don’t want us to get in trouble with the co-op board because of elderly neighbors complaining.

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DUH! skipping class to get uber ripped

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I never get the whole its 4/20 lets get super stoned.

I smoke every day, i dont see why this day i should waste more money or smoke even more, id probably just end up eating to much and passing out.

Im going to smoke a blunt with my friends like every other day.

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How did the “holiday” get it’s start?

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I will be celebrating by scooping up stoners off my driveway and carting them back to their house to get some fritos or something. I love this neighborhood.

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Are you a cop?

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Are you an anarchist?

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Would a true anarchist even label himself as one?

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I’m not in high school.

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I’ll be bringing doughnuts and coffee to work to celebrate my co-worker’s birthday.
Poor thing; she has to share her birthday with Adolf Hitler and the Columbine tragedy.

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YES! It’s my birthday :)

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@AstroChuck But it’s also George Takei’s birthday! Focus on that instead.

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Yeah, I’m gonna celebrate Hitler’s birthday and have a neo-fascist white pride celebration today, LOL. I’m not for real here my peeps.

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HELL YEAH. started at 12:00 this morning when midnight hit and will keep going till 12:00 tonight.

It’s a freaking hoilday everyone else celebrates MLK day and presidents day and other weird hoildays why can’t potheads enjoy a day to being high as heck. ?

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@BBSDTfamily – happy early birthday!

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@strangeling… it is of British origin. 4:20 is Tea Time in England. Or so I heard.

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