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Are elephants really scared of mice?

Asked by nebule (16446points) April 19th, 2009

are they?

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Mythbusters looked into this.

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get out!!! I so don’t believe this… surely not…..but i so want to give you more lurve x

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elephants don’t move like that…. do they…. the way his legs move… hmmmm dubious!

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well yes, they are. but not in the panical way as often depicted in cartoons.

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@johnpowell To me it looked more like WHOA THAT POO IS MOVING WTF. More testing required, IMO.

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@richardhenry, they did the experiment several times – with a mouse under the rock or whatever, and without it. The elephant didn’t care at all about the thing moving unless it revealed a mouse.

(Edit for proper @ name – and to point out I just saw the video in the link – they edited it to remove the other tests, and only showed the tests with the mouse. If you watch the actual episode, you’ll see the tests with empty dung.)

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@MrItty Ah, okay. Heh. That’s amazing then.

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I suspect it would depend on whether it was an Asian or African elephant; the color and pattern on the mouse’s coat, the elephants visual acuity, and especially the mouses behavior while interacting with the elephant-many unknowns here.
Great question for Myth Busters, though.

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@richardhenry rofl! very good xx

I think more research is needed though…. :-) will do some later after I’ve studied… although I may be able to fuse the two – as I am doing animal ethics… hmmm

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I’ll supply the elephants.

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We have lots of them in England.

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indeed…we do!

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Do you really, which kind?

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oh my richard!! that’s just abhorrent!! ew!! lol

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