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Anyone else ever have brain surgery?

Asked by bodyhead (5515points) April 19th, 2009

Yea, I’ve been busy recovering. That’s why I haven’t been on.

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I’m glad you’re back… how are you doing now?

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Welcome back! How are you doing?

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Better. I’m walking on my own and everything. It’s been 5 weeks of probably a 7 week recovery to get back as active as I once was. It helps that I’m only 29.

I had a major cyst removed from the back of the brain. I couldn’t walk or eat or do anything after the surgery. But I’m walking a quarter mile a day and I’m far more optimistic about life then I was while I had excruciating headaches all the time accompanied by occasionally vision loss and speech loss.

My job was outsourced while I was in the hospital so I only have a few weeks of work left but as crazy as it seems, I’m fairly optimistic about it. Loosing a job or even loosing a house is nothing compared to brain surgery. It was by far the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. I was screaming in the hospital bed even on the morphine.

I talked to my doctor right before the surgery and asked for x-ray vision but no dice.

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So glad to hear that your recovery is going well! Sorry about the x-ray vision. ;)

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I was wondering where you’d been! Great to see you!

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I’m so glad you’re healing well. That’s some scary stuff.

My brother had brain surgery last year around this time. He was diagnosed the same day as Teddy Kennedy, in fact. He had suffered from strange smells and headaches, and had a large tumor above his ear going to behind his eye. The tumor hasn’t grown back at all yet. He’s doing good, just experiencing his eyelid drooping if he gets tired, and some minor headaches.

Isn’t it amazing how far surgery has come? Has your outlook on life changed after this profound experience?

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In high school one of my teachers like 9 year old songs had a brain tumor removed. I don’t know all the specifics, but he recovered fine. Best of luck to you.

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@bodyhead Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. Hopefully you’ll be back to normal soon that you can enjoy your summer. Hang tight. The worst is over.

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@bodyhead: I’m several years out of a major tumor removal and I’m living proof that you might even end up better than before! Be kind & patient with yourself and appreciate that now you can truly value every day. I wish you a speedy & easy recovery!

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I hope you’re ready for a good laugh!

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Welcome back We’ve missed you. :)

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@bythebay I’m already better then before. I’m sleeping through the entire night now and that’s HUGE.

@Divalicious My outlook hasn’t changed much. I’m still an angry moral atheist. I might just be a little less angry. It’s easier to let things slide when you’re not in a huge amount of pain all the time. I’ve got a more patience now then I ever remember having.

Thanks for the love guys.

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