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What do or did you think about your high school years?

Asked by fluthermaster12103 (25points) April 20th, 2009
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I was the most miserable girl in the whole school. Nobody liked me, I was ugly, too smart, and I belonged to a very unpopular religion. I didn’t smoke or use cuss words, and I dressed funny. I didn’t have a clue. I hated High School.

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In general: positive. I’m still in high school, but it’s coming to an end. I graduate on June 4th of this year. I’m a little sad about this segment of time (2005–2009) being over. Of course I want to move on and be in college now, but it’s a way of life going away; it’s a lot of friends going away too. Overall, I liked being in high school. Sure, some classes were better than others, I found the work boring and tedious sometimes and I even skipped school a couple times. No one wants to come to school every morning at 8:00 A.M. But I made some very good friends during high school and have many memories from this period of my life. I’ve had a lot of fun with those people and luckily there’s Facebook and photos so it won’t soon be forgotten. Not to mention that I was on websites like this one from May 2006 until now, which covers the tail end of my freshman year through my senior year. I enjoyed that greatly, even with some of the negativity.

A lot of people complain about high school years being “hell” and what not; just wasn’t the case for me. Obviously I found a way to make the most out of it. Yes, my voice didn’t change until I was 16, yes I was 5’0” freshman year and am still short. But I found that people may have even liked me more for those things; I was never picked on, not in high school, not in middle school, not in elementary school. I’ve found the schoolwork mostly easy, I get good grades, nothing to complain about in that field other than that I’ve had some bad/boring classes in the past and of course, boring/bad assignments that I don’t want to do. I achieved my academic goals and I got to play a sport I enjoy (track).

I never felt much pressure to conform or anything. I do what I want, I wear what I want, I act the way I want and I always have. Don’t care what other people think and generally that hasn’t been brought to my attention too much. Felt a little pressured to smoke weed sometimes, but I still never did it.

The worst thing about my high school time was simply the fact that I’m gay and have been my entire high school time but still have not told anyone and because of that was never truly being my full self. During this time I really came to terms with my sexuality. In the beginning of high school way back in late 2005 I was thinking about pretending to be straight and all that, now I’ve completely turned that around. I know that my life would have been very different if I had told people about it, but I chose not to. I tend to think that it would have been worse, but I have no way of knowing that. That’s really the only thing I think about doing differently as in “what if I had come out in freshman year? Would that have been a good idea?”

I’ll never know.

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My High School experience was ok. I was involved in a lot of activities and had a few very close friends, many of which I still talk to today. It wasn’t spectacular or horrible, it just was.

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My high school career as of right now is pretty great. I’ve been in a very good relationship. It has, sadly, not ended in the way I’d quite have liked, but it was a nice relationship while it lasted.

I’m going to a specialized school fro computer programming and networking. I’m learning a lot and loving almost every moment. When I’m not “lovin’ it” I go to my excellent friends. So I think I’m pretty set for the rest of my 2 years coming up.

High school, fun stuff.

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It was a mixed bag.
And there are far too many intricacies to the story to list here.

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^^ What she said.

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I absolutely hated it while I was there, and still look at the time as a waste, but it had its moments. I had almost enough fun senior year to warrant the rest of it. It will absolutely not be the time I look back on for the rest of my life.

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I loved my time in high school.

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High school was terrible. I had a similar experience to @YARNLADY though I was low enough profile that no one tortured me. Mostly it was because of this one girl who decided that she wanted everything I had and took it (and turned a number of my friends against me in the process). When I graduated, I was just as happy to say good riddance and I plan on never attending any reunions.

@asmonet: What got me through senior year was my magic club. I lurve my nerds.

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prison… looking back it was really easy. but still prison-like.

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@KatawaGrey What got me through was family. All my relatives lived near us, and every weekend was family oriented. I was the second oldest of all the cousins, so all the ‘kids’ looked up to me.

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@YARNLADY: My mom helped me through by hating all the mean kids with me. Family is a wonderful thing. :)

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I had a freaking blast in high school. But, I wish I had been nicer to people outside my circle of friends. It’s one of my biggest regrets. I think my bitchiness stemmed from insecurity, but I didn’t realize that til recently, and now it’s too late. Oh well. I’m nicer now. :)

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I’m glad I survived them. I’m glad I don’t have to do them again. Once in a while I remember something good about them. I had the world’s greatest English teacher and a damned good German teacher. They stood between me and misery.

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High school was awesome. I was overweight and a brain, which should’ve put a huge target on my forehead, but I was never picked on. I had friends in every clique. All the teachers liked me, except for Mr. Jones who didn’t like anybody, but even he found me at least tolerable. I was the manager of a couple of sports teams, and I was elected to office in a handful of clubs. I was popular and admired and I didn’t even have to be fake or mean to get that status.

But I’m still damn glad it’s over.

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i’ve got one more year to go!

freshman year was…well, i don’t even remember a lot of it, it kind of just blends into everything. i met most of my friends that year though, and a few of them are like my best friends now, so i suppose i started off well.
sophomore year was incredibly dramatic – a lot of misunderstandings and problems accentuated by misunderstandings, other kids, and the worst guidance counselor ever. however, i’m pretty happy to say that i’m on good terms with the girl i had a huge problem with – we were really good friends until halfway through soph year, but things are pretty okay now.
i haven’t really run into any other major friendship problems like that (knock on wood). this year is really tough, but i expected it, as it’s junior year, and i’m in 4 AP and 2 honors classes, taking SATs, etc. but i’ve got hiiiiigh expectations for senior year. i’m lightening my work load, taking classes i will actually enjoy, and i’m just really excited for it. making the best of the last 30 days of junior year though. (:

i’m not popular, but i don’t get made fun of (at least, to my knowledge haha). i don’t really pay that much attention to what other people think of me, especially if i’m not that fond of them myself. i’m respectful/nice to everyone who is the same to me. i’ve got a group of really close friends, and i’m happy with that.

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I’ll have that awnser in 4 years :D

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Most importantly, it’s the past and immutable. It was what it was, and My life doesn’t revolve around the past.

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