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What does dog meat taste like?

Asked by ragingloli (43953points) April 20th, 2009

And do you think shops/animal shelters would sell you a dog if you told them you intended to eat them?

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Chicken, of course.

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astrochuck, no, that is human meat.

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I have read that it tastes about the same as wet dog smells.

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It tastes like rope feels.

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I’m going to have to say that the shelters would deny you the ability to get a dog if you wanted to eat it. So, I’d avoid telling them. I’d make a friend in a foreign country, where it is eaten customarily. I’d arrange a way to meet, and get the meat. Then, you could maybe even eat it with him.

But I think it tastes like (and hear it tastes like) Ostrich, which I guess tastes like beef. So try all 3!

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Shelters exist primarily to save the animal’s life not end it for your satisfaction.

And really, I can get dog and monkey in Chinatown. No need to buy a live dog.

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I’ve heard it goes down ‘ruff’.

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it probably tastes about the same as dog breath <rank>

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are you serious? Please say you’re not serious. Please?

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The last one is the best.

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@asmonet you’re right, the last one is the best.

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@asmonet I am now officially traumatized.

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@asmonet noooooooooooooooooo! That’s like a vegetarian’s nightmare. Although the freggin dog next door won’t stop barking….

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The markets in Seoul always have St.Bernard heads for sale, with all the fur and everything. It is a bit overwhelming.

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Anyone who’s ever traveled in south america and some parts of mexico has probably eaten dog at some point and had no idea. I’ve been there and have seen things… i know i’ve eaten dog meat at some point.. the owners of certain establishments have even been incarcerated for serving it… i just don’t know when i ate it.

So i’m saying it doesn’t really have a distinct taste… it’s easy to mask and dress up as something else.

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Tacos in Tijuana

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@boffin you’d be surprised… if you actually went off the beaten tourist path in Tijuana you’d find that they use some of the highest quality cuts of beef you’ll find… which explains why they can be so expensive. Tourist tacos are cheap and of poor quality because the general consensus is…. a bunch of drunk kids from San Diego will eat pretty much anything. (consider i grew up splitting my time between Tijuana and San Diego).

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It tastes yummy

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this really disgusts me, Im pretty much wondering right now why the hell you would want to know this…

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@desiree333: People eat it. I’ve eaten cicadas, seahorse – though I recently found out they’re inedible and now I’m wondering what the fuck I ate in Chinatown that sure as shit looked like a fried Seahorse and I was told was one, alligator, shark, horse, buffalo, pork, beef, chicken, fish, deer, and I think I’ve had squirrel by accident, whatever.

It’s not that surprising. People eat different stuff, as long as there’s nutritional value or it’s plentiful enough that it becomes valuable, it gets eaten. Hell, look at some English dishes. No more appetizing, to me at least.

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@asmonet yeah but DOG!? like have you people not ever owned and loved a dog?....

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I saw this thing on tv comparing cat and dog meat. It said dogs taste better, but cats have a higher protein content

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Dog tastes like horse. And yes I have owned and loved both. I have also owned and loved hogs, cows and sheep.

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