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Got any good advice for a song to learn on the guitar?

Asked by TjHare (109points) April 21st, 2009

Preferably something that isn’t too easy. I’m expanding my repetoir and I find that i want to be more versatile. I find that the more things I learn the more open I am to finding new ways to play the melody , so please if you have some gold: a link (can you do that on fluther?) or a song name would be fine thank you…

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Orion by Metallica , Raining blood by Slayer.
When you do learn songs of any kind break it down into sections and work it that way . also things like Guitar Pro 5 and PowerTab will help .

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Perhaps you could tell us what kind of guitar you’re playing, what style you’d like to become better at and what your taste is in general before we start throwing out suggestions?

Like a ton of metal for someone who may be looking for classical guitar help.

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You shouldn’t have any musical likes and dislikes when it comes to guitar playing you should just play everything . If you limit yourself to Metal that’s all you will ever play and to me that’s just boring. I love all forms of metal but when it comes to guitar playing, i play blues, country, classical, traditional, jazz, the list goes on .

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Yeah I gotta get me some powertab . @sandystrachan. ...I play electric and bass and acoustic, and I play Jazz, blues, rock, funk, some classical.

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@sandystrachan you rock for that link hookup, thanks

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Great selection of Grateful Dead, Radiohead and System of a Down… go wild, learn em all.

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The Clash- Should I Stay Or Should I Go would be good. Or Day Tripper- The Beatles would be a good start. I would start with some classic rock though.

Edit: Maybe I should have read the details. Try Sleep Now In The Fire- Rage Against The Machine, Californication- Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Your Time Has Come – Audioslave.

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Haha yeaah, I actually downloaded the Tab program that sandystrachan advised and it’s been wonders (And now I’m downloading an emulator so i can play mario paint). And I will learn those songs immediatly, I feel so pumped to learn stuff lately

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Smoke on the Water- Deep Purple

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Smoke on the water sucks. Its like the only good song by that band. I think you should learn “I Want You” by The Beatles. Its really hard. I am learning the bass part and boyfriend is also trying to learn the guitar part. It’s a beautiful song. You have to make your guitar cry like a bitch. Listen to the solo as well. tell me what you think of the song.

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