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Why is Obama trying to sell me clean coal?

Asked by tinyfaery (42140points) April 21st, 2009

What am I, stupid. Don’t answer that.


My hope has been diminishing. Can you help, or am I doomed?

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politicians..we’re damned

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Hmmm… I can’t say I’m a fan of the clean coal idea. I’d much rather we invested in wind and solar energy.

I’m not feeling hopeless though… yet.

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@augustlan Unfortunately, hope comes to me rarely and it never stays for long.

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President Obamanation started talking about this pipe dream and when he discovered the truth about him not knowing what he was talking about, he could not figure out how to get that huge foot out of his mouth.

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There is no such thing as clean coal.
From the link: “Clean coal is like healthy cigarettes; they don’t exist.”

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Awesome answer. Lurve for you.

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I don’t believe in the clean coal fantasy. But I think Obama can get a lot of things wrong and still both be inspiring and do a hell of a lot better than his predecessor. I am willing to allow him an ample learning period. We already know he can find the grace to apologize for error.

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Dear US government,
Stop spending our money on this BS. So, we have a lot of coal in this country… you know what else we have? WIND! And that shit is free, brotha! I’d buy a goddamn turbine myself if I ever saw any of that change I’ve been promised.

Love, uber.
P.S. I hate your guts

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@Jeruba GA. It’s the only answer that has somewhat convinced me that I can still hope.

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The man has only been in office for 4 months, right?

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Time has little to do with my ability to have hope, and dare I say faith. I had that, and I am rapidly losing it.

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Yeah, politics is nothing to get your hopes up over.
The game is still the same, just rotating players.

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I think we all “hope” Obama improves upon our problems. None of us wants him to fail, for our own sake. We need help at this point, and he’s the one we were suckered into putting into office, so we have to look to him for the answers for the next 4 (probably 8) years.

You can’t say “He’s only been in office for a few months” when he hasn’t made progress on something or duplicates something the Bush admin. did, then turn around and say, “Look what he’s done in only a few months!” when he’s making some headway. I look at every issue individually, and I happen to think this is a crap one.

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I’m just saying that he can’t be expected to understand everything right away.
There’s a lot of people in his ear and a lot of very big problems to be dealt with currently.

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@fireside : That’s for sure. I just wish we could elect a president who didn’t allow himself to be a puppet.

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Hope is a thing with feathers

I never quite understood that line but it has staying power. Even though Andrew ruined all Dickenson’s verses by reminding me that you can sing her lines to “The Yellow Rose of Texas” meloday.

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