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Do you ever find yourself feeling arrogant about music sometimes?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) April 21st, 2009

Arrogance about music tends to annoy me. All those people who say “anything mainstream is automatically crap”. But on occasion, I find myself going “pfft” when people say the classical music they like is “Beethoven’s 9th” or the new age they like is “Only Time” by Enya.

lol…not that those aren’t good and liking those is better than liking nothing from those genres, but there’s a whole world of it out there!

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i think some people would make me out to be arrogant about music – a music snob and/or hipster, if you will (i’m looking at you @Likeradar~).

but i think that happens, because some feel that if you don’t like “mainstream” music, you’re a “snob”. but i don’t feel a lot of “mainstream” music is music. I think it’s the same as the difference between McDonald’s and a salad at Whole Foods.

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If my dislike of music from bands like “The Jonas Brothers” makes me arrogant, then pen me in.

I’m picky about what I listen to, but some of these indy folks who automatically hate anything that’s been played on a radio are a bit much to stomach.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic it’s “indie”. “indy” is what we named the dog, junior.

I think, as per radio airplay, that much of the problem with radio today is that, in many markets, radio has gone to one extreme or another. here in Philly, Y100 went away several years ago. Now, with the exception of XPN, there is a) rap b) talk c) bubblegum on the radio. No real “rock” or “alternative” station. And while I enjoy NPR quite a bit, groups A,B and C are more niche, IMO.

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@eponymoushipster We can thank GW for deregulating the industry so that now ClearChannel decides what we get to listen of the free airwaves.

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Im very arrogant when it comes to new music.I know nothing about it. I never turn on the radio never watch the “so-called” music channels not because im a snob but because its just not what i enjoy.

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Modern pop country music fucking sucks. There is a street in Nashville called Music Row. 98% of country music is made there. The same songwriters write all the songs for all the modern country artist. Hell I shouldn’t call them artist just singers. The same studio musicians play on all the country albums. The same producers produce all the albums. What does that make for? A bunch of fucking shit. Hank Williams the III even wrote this song about the state of country music.

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@Likeradar ahh the force is strong with you. i see you sensed my presence. I seem to recall such a statement not too long ago…

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@eponymoushipster my fingertips were burning. Yeah, I think of you as a music snob, but the best kind- the kind who lets me listen to his itunes! If only more music snobs were like you… :)

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I have music I don’t like (modern country, pop, etc.) and I have reasons for not liking it (it’s formulaic, churned out like a product). This is because I like music because to me it is art. The kind of music I don’t like is not about art, it is about commerce. I recognize that I simply can’t enjoy music which lacks certain things. But I don’t think that makes me a “snob”. And the reason I say that is, if manufactured pop by made up bands on the Disney Channel, or manufactured country by shopped out songwriters in Nashville is what you enjoy, more power to you, I still say it’s music, and good is in the ear of the beholder, but it would be incorrect to call it art. That doesn’t mean every single thing I enjoy listening to is a masterpiece, not by a longshot. Some part of music to me is guttural…it’s about how I feel when I hear it…it may well have cheesy lyrics or repetitive chord structures (I know, it’s only rock and roll, but I like it). And speaking of that little quote, it comes from a band I can’t stand…there are a lot of people whom it could be argued are great and influential artists who just don’t do it for me, and that’s ME. I can’t even always tell you WHY I like a song or an artist….I let the music speak for itself. Some of my favorite bands are ones I could name and very few people would have heard of them..but then there are some artists who EVERYONE has heard of whom I love. And I suspect everyone can in some part identify with that…just because what doesn’t do it for me, does do it for you, I don’t look down on you. I might think you have shitty taste in music, but I realize that you might think the same about me…que sera sera.

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@Likeradar aww, i knew i liked you. :)

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I’m a recovering music snob. There was a time where I would only listen to bands no one had ever heard of, but through a program of therapy, instituted by my students, I’m learning to broaden my horizons. Unfortunately, this has an unintended side-effect, in that I am forced to listen to an inordinate amount of “screamo”. Grrrr, I hate underfed teenage boys with demon voices.

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I’m a huge music snob! There is a massive amount I listen to, so many genres and genres are something that annoy me to no end. I don’t give a damn what you want to call it, if I like it, I like it and will name it myself. Music is my religion in a way, it’s a universal language between people and with music… I get around.

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is it wrong that i have this shirt?

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@eponymoushipster If that’s wrong, you shouldn’t be right.

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I’m a music snob, a paper snob, and a beer snob, what’s it to ya? hee hee

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When it’s narrow minded or aggressive and aimed at me yes, otherwise, be as much a snob as you like.

I’m picky as hell with my music, even though I have 1tb total and it’s from all kinds of musicians.

The only time music snobs piss me off is when someone hears I’m not that impressed with the Beatles and they make it their personal mission to convince me of their divinity.

No thanks.

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Re the Beatles, you don’t HAVE to like them. But you DO have to acknowledge that anyone who has made rock and roll since was either greatly inspired by them or by someone who was greatly inspired by them. Essentially, they are responsible for what rock music is today…doesn’t mean you have to like them.

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And of course it’s possible to remember when music snobs were laughing or sneering at those kids from Liverpool.

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“I’m picky about what I listen to, but some of these indy folks who automatically hate anything that’s been played on a radio are a bit much to stomach…”


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