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Why do Police get to Race past me doing 80+MPH on highways yet there is no emergency anywhere?

Asked by Rickomg (259points) April 22nd, 2009

Happens at least three times a week! I fear if i note the Plates and call in a complaint they will then target me for going over the speed limit by 5mph Which I do regularly. I don’t want to stir the nest so to speak, but this is ridiculous! I can’t go that fast without a ticket so They Supposedly not being above the law shouldn’t be allowed to either.

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Try applying to the Police Academy and get a job as a cop yourself. That way you know for sure and won’t have to ask people on Fluther about these things of a police nature. and then you can speed by everyone else doing 80 mph when there is no emergency anywhere.

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How do you know there’s not an emergency?

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Do you have a police band radio?

I wonder how you know there is no emergency anywhere.
Seems like pretty small odds

oh, cprivate beat me to it

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Did you think that maybe they were headed to an emergency? I doubt they are just late for an appointment…

I’m no fan of cops…but did someone get a ticket lately or something? ;)

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Because they can.

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You know it’s quite obvious that you’re upset about your recent interaction with the police. And I think it’s worthwhile for me to point out that it is causing you to wear a huge pair of rose colored glasses – both of your posts are tainted with it, dripping almost.

Police officers get to speed because they respond to crimes and other altercations where their presence is needed immediately. You do not respond to crimes, you are not a police officer, thus you must abide by the rules of the road.

This is not a matter about them being above the law. This is them PROTECTING the law. The matters for which police break speeding laws are more important than the harm caused by speeding with their sirens on. I guess you could say it’s a greater good issue.

Would you appreciate it if you were being held hostage by a crazy person with a gun who was threatening to kill you right then and there, and the police officers took longer to get to you because they did not speed?

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When a police officer responds to a call, it’s either code 1 (no lights and siren), code 2 (lights only), or code 3 (lights and siren both). Sometimes officers will exceed the speed limit to answer a call that requires an expiditious response but not necessarily lights and sirens. You have no idea where that officer was going to or what he was doing and you shouldn’t make assumptions that there isn’t an emergency or crisis somewhere. And yes, I’m in the law enforcement profession and NO, I do not have a god complex. I think I saw a reference to that or an accusation of that in another question which I didn’t choose to respond to.

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There are reasons for them not using their siren… like the fact that they dont always want to advertise that they are on the scene…

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Thanks for the Data! I resend the Question. I do understand that there are some situations where that could be the case. It’s just bad when I see four short haired college looking students Fly by me in a police car all in plain clothes. Looked like they were fresh out of the academy or something. (I’m doing 70 in a 65 by the way) and they pass me like I’m standing still! I just believe that there should be some sort of Ticketing system for the offending officers. You really can’t be above the law that you are trying to uphold. You must have Ethics presence to uphold Ethics. I am still pissed about the rude ness of that officer last night!

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Just this week, one blew through a red that started as a yellow. Lights only, no sirens, 60 mph or more. If I had been quick off the green, I would have totally been t-boned.

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Speed limits aren’t some constitutional law that police, paramedics, and fire-fighters flagrantly disregard. Speed limits are intended to keep some level or order on the roads. They also act as a warning of how fast a car can reasonably take a corner without flying off the edge.

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I have seen them do it with no emergency (like throw the lights on and gun it thru a yellow light). That shit pisses me off. But you shouldn’t feel any fear for writing down their plate and filing a complaint. It’s not like you would register the complaint with that cop, who would then take your picture and put it up on some wall at the station labeled “Ticket this asshole.” In the end they serve you, and you have the right to file a complaint. (just don’t expect your lone complaint to have much effect).

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Doughnuts are getting cold.

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Cops are exempt from traffic laws when on duty unless they act in a way that presents imminent danger to the public. Then again, how can a civilian ever prove this without clear cut video footage?

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Partial on topic but not really.

Why is it cops are allowed to drive around on cell phones? I cant seem to see any reason for this at all. I mean if they need to talk to another officer on duty they have the dispatcher. So who are they calling?

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