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How about employing the out of work U.S. citizens to build the border fence?

Asked by DREW_R (738points) April 22nd, 2009

The government could put a huge dint in unemployment and have the fence up twice as fast.

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Fences keep honest people out.

I have yet to see any real studies showing this is a good idea.

What’s next, fencing off Canada? You guys DO get a lot of your weed from us.

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@dynamicduo : Yeah, and to add to that, history has an odd way of showing us how fences (or walls) have failed time and time again. The Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, etc. etc.

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I think a border fence is impractical and a waste of money. Who is going to man it, maintain it, police it, etc? Like dynamicduo said, it’s also kind of ridiculous that we’re so concerned about the flow of people and goods from the south, but we are in no rush to fence off the Canadian border. So we like white people more?

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The whole fence thing is a bad idea. People should take their head out of their asses.

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Like dynamicduo said, it’s also kind of ridiculous that we’re so concerned about the flow of people and goods from the south, but we are in no rush to fence off the Canadian border. So we like white people more?

Epic lawl.

That’s a great point, I never thought of that.

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The border fence is a moronic idea in the first place. Wasting more money on it won’t help.

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…Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offence…

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I don’t like the fence idea. I don’t particularly want to be an isolated nation. Maybe instead we could have those unemployed people investigate illegal immigrants who are already here, or something of the sort.

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But… but, having the government illegally STEAL all that income tax money from honest hard working god-fearing Americans and using it on government projects.. OMG SOCIALISM!!!!

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Taxes are due to your country. Taxes are the government’s money.

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@benjaminlevi : Yeah, we’re never getting out from under that umbrella, unfortunately. I’m waiting for when we elect the president who increases our taxes 30% and “gives” everyone a new house.

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@dynamicduo back in the day (60s, 70s) the best weed came through Mexico, but now most of what comes from Mexico is shwag. Now we look to the north for our herbal relief. Maybe we are fencing off Mexico to keep the bad weed out?

Mexico had the 80s & 90s to improve their growing skills, but they just couldn’t compete with Canada. America had to take action! The stoners have spoken and they demand quality….. and Cheetos

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do we really have a problem with illegals walking in from Canada? i think most Canadians would rather stay where they are or they do things the legal way.

a fence is not the solution. the answer is heavier penalties to employers who hire illegals and embedded gps tracking chips for everyone. ok, maybe not the latter, but i think that would be the only way to keep track of everyone.

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Do you think the Yahoo employees who just got laid off are qualified in building fences? Or maybe we can get them to take to the roads as itinerant agricultural workers this summer?

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How about let’s not build the border fence at all.

Hire the folks to fix all the aging and out-of-compliance bridges instead.

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@benjaminlevi Might as well put it to good use since they are stealing it any way.

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Let’s just take them all and line them up shoulder to shoulder across the entire border to make sure that every single person who comes into this country is legal. There are enough unemployed people that it could be done.

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@ubersiren It isn’t so much the idea of isolation. If they come in legally then fine. It is also a deterent to smuggling guns and drugs. I do like the investigate part though. They could also man the terminals watching the fence and alerting the Border patrol and National guard of incoming illegal aliens though.

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@galileogirl Naw, they would be too ignorant of ag practices and the world would starve. Remember, it is our job to feed the world. ;)

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@drClaw @dynamicduo

I grow my wifes meds here in OR and some of my stock came from Canada. ;)

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This whole animosity toward illegal aliens is a smoke screen to divert attention from the fact that illegals are used to keep unions out of American companies. With illegals, you can pick up the phone and deport the whole lot of them at the mere mention of the word union. If these were well-paying union jobs, they would have Americans in them and there wouldn’t be any room for them. Wal-Mart is the worst. They don’t even pay a living wage, so many of their employees qualify for welfare. They are one of the most profitable companies around, yet they hire illegals just to keep wages low and the jobs too undesirable to unionize.

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@MontyZuma Partically true, what you say about hiring illegals is true, but to claim that Wal-Mart does this is not. Wal-mart hires non-union employees, but does not knowingly hire illegals.

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I’m pretty sure they do. I just Googled Walmart and illegal immigrants and got like 400,000 hits covering lots of different cases over the years. No doubt they say they don’t knowingly hire illegals (wink, wink), but what else are they going to say? The latest was just a couple of days ago:

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Most of the bad press against Wal Mart is provided by their competitors. While there certainly are some employees who are illegal aliens, it is not a policy of Wal mart to hire them, any more than it is the policy of Costco, Sam’s Club or most other big businesses.

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@YARNLADY Since Sam Walton gave up control of Wal-Mart I believe what MontyZuma is stating without heading to the link. ;)

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@DREW_R – Since Sam Walton is dead, I don’t think he has any other option at this point but to give up control of Wal Mart.

And however nasty Wal Mart’s business practices are, I do have to give them kudos for allowing folks to camp in their parking lots for free.

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@Darwin Oh, just because they allow people to camp in their parking lots makes their shitty business practices ok? Bullshit, that is just good business. Where is the 1st place the campers are going to go when they get up and moving? WAL-MART!

WAL_MART is a frigging rip off in all ways, business, employer,...

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@DREW_R – Read what I said – I do not condone their business practices in any way. I simply said they do one commendable thing.

I don’t shop at Wal Mart unless they are the only game in town and I can’t order online for some reason. I also refuse to work for them. But you have to give the devil his due. Wal Mart does one good thing.

You know, much as I like Target and Kohl’s, neither one allows camping on their property.

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@Darwin Ha, got it. I have boycotted WAL-MARK for about 2 yrs now. Feels good too. ;)

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@DREW_R In 2005, labor unions created new organizations and websites to influence public opinion against Wal-Mart. It is easy to fool people like you, who are not willing to keep up on current affairs, but spout whatever the radical TV personality wants you to say.

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@YARNLADY I take things with a grain of salt dear. If it was a gov entity that stated your fact there is no way I would believe it due to the fact it was said during a GOP riegn of government as the GOP would say anything to keep unions down. It is easier to be a sheeple than to rely on ones self. ;)

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You are making an assumption that the labor unions trying to influence public opinion are doing so by saying things that are untrue—i.e., trying to “fool” people.

If that were true, that would be self-defeating since most people can now keep up on current affairs and easily check facts for themselves on the Internet. Simply being partisan or getting your information from a partisan source does make the information untrue.

You are committing logical fallacies here called “begging the question” and “arguing beside the point.”

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@MontyZuma Most of the claims from the critics of Walmart have been debunked by using exactly the methods you describe, but two well publicized issues (overtime pay and discrimination againsst women/promotions) have ended up in the court system, bringing changes to their policy. They are the second biggest employer in the country.

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@DREW_R Yes, I did say they are in court about this. It is the largest discrimination case in US history, which is not surprising since they are the largest employer in the country.

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