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Did you ever have an interaction on fluther that made you want to leave the site?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) April 22nd, 2009

I had (have) a few questions that were pulled back for editing cause they didn’t meet “fluther’s standards.” Got pissed off at first – but eventually – cough – got over myself

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I lurve Fluther, but I can’t take it that seriously.

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Yeah, and I did leave. Got into it with a southern republican who was a die-hard Bush fan. The post is here somewhere.

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Not yet. I imagine I’d just need time to cool off, then I’d come back and ignore the person.

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Yes. I left. I was pissed off about a moderation of my question. Very pissed off! So much so, that I probably over-reacted.

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Nope… but I’ve had a few interactions that made me wish the other person would leave the site!

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@KalWest…I agree. I did, too. I rewrote the damn thing twice & they still weren’t happy. I finally gave up. These guidelines get a bit riduculous, I think.

There are two people here who I find offensive & mouthy, but I just stay away from them. They’re not important to me, & I just ignore them.

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@Likeradar oh, i’ve totally felt that as well.

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@Likeradar Oooh, that’s a good solution, LOL.

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Nyet. Doing all right so far!

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In all honesty, after I kept seeing question upon question and reply upon reply about how much fluther sucks and how the guidelines are stupid and restricting and how everybody here is bad and awful I considered taking a short hiatus. Luckily, I haven’t seen anything like that in a week or so which means I am staying. :)

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Yes, and I did.

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Same as you, at first I got feedback that certain questions weren’t “fluther” standard but when I saw so many other like vein questions being asked and plenty of absolute stupid shit questions too but I chalked it up to being new, relaxed and now I pretty much hang out as a distraction, not sure yet if I’ll post much though.

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I have had several. I had a few right in a row that caused me to leave Fluther for a while.

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I don’t have a problem with the mods, but I do get pretty maxed out by some of the interactions on this site. I respond in the way I would in real life; just don’t take it too seriously and back off for awhile.

It really does depend on what you want out of this site. If you want to use it as a resource and don’t get caught up in all the rest of the social dynamics, just know when to pick your battles and when to close the window down and walk away.

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Not yet ;)

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I haven’t ever felt like leaving Fluther… but there have been a few times I’ve been tempted to quit being a mod. ;-)

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I’ve never had an issue with other Fluthers… if I disagree with someone, I don’t take it personally.

I’ve never been moderated, and I guess that’s because the few questions I’ve asked preceded moderation on the site. Maybe if I asked more questions I’d have to deal with it (and maybe then I’d get some Lurve).

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not in a necessarily negative way tho. More like a wake-up call that after all this is all just lines and quips.

Want to open a club? :)

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@augustlan You haven’t even been a mod that long! Perhaps it was the timing of the influx of new people?

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Nah. I feel love here.

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Confusing lurve with love I see ;)

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@TaoSan- No. I generally confuse love with lust, but never lurve.

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@TaoSan: a club of overreactors?

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@chyna Mods require thick skin… sometimes mine is pretty thin. People (old, new, doesn’t matter) really don’t like being modded.

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@augustlan – that’s not surprising, you mods do have some pretty odd hairdos and outfits. I gave that stuff up when I graduated from college.

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@auggie doggie- You can mod me if that will make you feel better.

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@chuckie You wish ;-)

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i’m a pretty non confrontational/aggressive person, so i haven’t really gotten into any major tiffs with anyone. i’ve definitely seen a decent amount of obnoxious and arrogant responses, and i’ll respond if i feel obligated to, but i don’t let things get to me that much.
besides, things are always taken the wrong way over the internet, and people in general tend to be more hostile online. it’s easier to let your words go ahead of your mind here, especially when you feel comfortable.
also, i have a rule of thumb – if i respond to something, still don’t regret what i said a few minutes later, and suspect that i’m going to get either a lot of negative feedback, or see a lot of opposition that i know is going to provoke me and upset me, i don’t follow it. or i only check back on it occasionally. some subjects get me really worked up, and it’s very unlikely that i’ll be able to change an arrogant person’s perspective, so why get all agitated over it? (:

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Only for a couple days. It wasnt so much any one issue, it was more fluther was going though the influx plus the influx just prior to that and i felt fluthers quality had severely dropped off. I thought about taking a hiatus for a couple days, but that didnt last very long as just when i hit my breaking point, fluther started to turn around and the questions improved again.

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There isn’t anyone or anything on Fluther that can aggravate or frustrate me so badly that I’d ever consider leaving here. The members (a solid majority of them) are fine individuals, the Q&A is great, and the ambience is warm and friendly. With that combination of elements, why would anyone leave?

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