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Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid motion sickness while reading in cars?

Asked by benjaminlevi (2992points) April 22nd, 2009

I love to read books. I don’t have much time to read books. This weekend I will be stuck in a car for six hours round trip. I could read in the car, but I can’t because if I do I’ll throw up. Anyone have an idea how I could avoid this? I tried not looking out the windows but ti doesn’t help.

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Get an old-fashioned CD player and take novels on CDs out of the library. Then listen. And bring plenty of AA batteries.

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That happens to me if I’m in the backseat but I’m okay in the passenger seat, see if you can score shotgun.

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I could do that, but I already have the book I’m reading (Collapse by Jared Diamond, and its fascinating) and I have a hard time concentrating on audio books, as I am very much a visual person. Although, I do have the first three Harry Potter books on cassette.

@hungryhungryhortence Worth a shot

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I’ve heard that if you just keep your head leveled and look straight ahead at the road, it’ll help…also I’ve heard eating anything citrus-y will get some tangerines

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Take some Dramamine before you read and ride.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir and even if it doesn’t work I’ll be sitting shotgun AND have oranges! Its a win-win situation (not really, but its close enough)

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Dramamine works, but dont take a whole pill, just half. If you take the whole pill you’ll doze the entire road.

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My friend uses ginger to combat motion sickness. Try sipping on some ginger tea, or crystallized ginger or even ginger snap cookies.

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If you really get carsick, nothing may help enough to let you read, I’m afraid- I know I can’t do it! I second the audio book recommendation.

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I find resting my feet on a pillow helps. I don’t know why but it does!!

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The only way I can read on any form of transportation is to take Dramamine.

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I agree with Buster and Augstian. Dramamine workds for me.

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I used to get car sick real bad when reading. It helps for me to drink ice water and sit near a good air conditioning vent. Also the more quiet cars are best. If you are in a loud car try listening to some classical music as background music. Also if you feel the least bit sick take a break and look outside at something far away. Its better to catch the sick feeling before it get worse

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@benjaminlevi I think there is no solution, I was just letting you know.

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look out the front window at the horizon

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Try to match the movement of the book with the movement of your head.
I never suffered from motion sickness, but it’s not exactly easy chasing after all of those moving words.

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Motion sickness is a disagreement between the eyes, ears, and body sense—which is why looking out the window can help since you can then see the motion that you are feeling.

Other ideas include Dramamine, ginger (either crystallized or in tea—see here:, peppermint (either extract or tea), motion sickness acupressure bands (, chewing gum and/or eating a light meal—all are thought to help with the vomiting and/or nausea from motion sickness. While some or all might help you, I don’t know if they would help enough to be able to read a book while driving if you are already that prone to motion sickness. The audio book suggestion might be the best idea in your situation.

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