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How can Christmas day be made less "wild"' and more peaceful?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) November 30th, 2006
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Are you kidding???!! With OUR family?! Maybe slip some Valium in the diet-coke?
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oh, maybe it'll be more peaceful if all the stores close on christmas day.
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But I don't shop in stores
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What makes it most crazy for you?
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Lots of candles, soothing Christmas carols on the stereo, and the moment one of us gets on your nerves, banish us to the basement.
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I honestly don't think our family's Christmas can be less "wild". Making it peaceful is up to you, though. You choose what you want to do - how many presents are under the tree, how much chaos there will be. Put on the soothing music, have the food catered, maybe even set up areas in different rooms so everyone doesn't have to gather in the same room shouting over one another. Encourage people to go to the lodge.
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Just an the past Christmas in my Jewish family has been pretty loud and crazy as well. I have found that this is because there is so much emphasis on the gifts. Perhaps, (my family tried this and it really seemed to work) if you get the little ones wanting to give rather than being so hyped up on the receiving part. For example instead of opening so many presents, the biggest present of all would be having them pick out a gift to send to Africa or to children who live in the projects or something. We did this when I was little and thought it was so much fun and exciting. Just an idea! Miss you Peggy Lou!
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Thanks my Ava Lou! I miss you, too!

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