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What experience would you write in the "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" book?

Asked by YARNLADY (43431points) April 22nd, 2009

Tales that would support never have a child groups, why marriages fail, (whatever) isn’t what it was made out to be.

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He ain’t gonna do what he says he gonna do…can you learn to live with that as long as he’s a good person in many other important ways?

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Save your mental sanity and pay $1.75 to have dress shirts sent to the cleaners.

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@YARNLADY damn, i was planning on doing some camping this summer for the first time in my life! not what it is made out to be??? teens…i was once one and know better than to expect it is better than made out to be. marriage? see my other questions asked. love? i think mostly an expectation that is very difficult to meet.

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@avalmez The question is more about things that went awry.

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@YARNLADY Could you explain the question a little bit because I don’t really get it.

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@Kelly27 I went camping and the tent had some pieces missing so it wouldn’t stay up, and when we were eating dinner, a swarm of bees came and crawled in our sodas, and buzzed around so bad, we had to eat in the car. A bear came through the campground, and our dog, who was locked in the car, barked and barked at it. The next day, we found out we had forgotten matches, so we couldn’t cook our breakfast, then a huge wind sprang up and blew our tent away. Next it started to rain.

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@YARNLADY ROFL!!!! (Sorry. I know. I wasn’t there….:)

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@Dutchess12 agreed, we laughed at the time, and the memories, if nothing else gave us some great stories, and there was a lot more

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@YARNLADY Ok, I have never heard of the “I never promised you a rose garden” book/song or whatever it is so I don’t know what it is you are asking for in the question. Would love to answer but I don’t know what you are talking about

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“I never promised you a rose garden” is a book about a person who lived in a fantasy world where everything was perfect, and was eventually brought back to “reality” by her therapist.

I am looking for stories from people who thought what they were doing was going to be perfect, and it didn’t work out the way they planned.

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@YARNLADY Ahhhh I get it now :)
Did that really happen to you, the camping story?

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@Kelly27 Yes, and that’s only half of it. We had a very “interesting” vacation.

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@YARNLADY LOL that is so awful it is funny! I have had some pretty interesting camping trips myself. :)

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him: i thought you didn’t wear diamonds.
me: i don’t.
him: what’s that fat ring?
me: my mom’s.
him: yeah?
me: yeah. me and my father picked it out for her 50th.
him: yeah? that’s sweet.
me: yeah. they were divorced a year later.
him: oh. what’re you wearing it for then?
me: today’s their anniversary.

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life has its own plans, period.

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Ok. My wedding day. Neither of us wanted a big wedding. We’d both been married before, but we did want to have a nice small celebration. We had our two friends meet us and the kids down at the courthouse to be witnesses. And then the six of us were going to have a swanky dinner afterwards. We made reservations (at a place you tend to really need reservations) for an hour and a half after services started with the JPs downtown. We weren’t sure how long it would take or how many people would be down there.

So, the fella and I get there early with the kids and there are a couple of couples already waiting. My daughter starts her first period while we’re at the courthouse, and I take her to go looking for a convenience store while my fella is holding our place in line and of course I can’t tell him what’s going on because she would “just die”. I walk blocks…in June…in the afternoon…in downtown Tucson before I can find some over-priced pads for her.

So, I’m sweating and not looking as nice by the time our friends meet us and we get married. Yay! The JP was great. The ceremony was done in maybe 5 minutes after they started taking waiting couples into the rooms.

So, now we have almost an hour and a half before our reservation for dinner. So, we decide to stop at a place that’s a bar and serves some food. We think it’ll be one of those places that let kids in during the day for lunch so we can have a drink before heading to the restaurant. So, the six of us are debating whether this place will let kids in or if we should make a stop somewhere else. During the confusion, my new husband left the air going in the car while we’re standing there discussing this and locked the keys in the car, with the air going, in downtown Tucson.

And the place didn’t allow kids, so we’re waiting outside for the tow truck guy to come let us in the car and he’s wanting the AAA policy number which is in the car—of course. We finally get back in the car with the help of a local guy at the Irish bar across the street who had waaaaay too much skill at getting into a locked car before the tow guy got there. Now we’re not too far off the reservation time and the car feels like a fridge. My poor fella kept apologizing for locking the keys in the car.

We had a great dinner but we looked like hell walking into this nice place with our hair plastered to the sides of our faces. By then we were all laughing and ready for a big meal.

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Thank you :^>

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@cyndyh Oh too funny!! That is a great story!! (How frustrating at the time, tho!) I have a wedding story—not as interesting but kind of funny none the less. Rick and I were married out at the lake. Wedding day my 18 year old son and Rick went to the lake wedding site early while I hid at home (the blushing bride, like he’s not already seen every inch of me over the last 4 years!) Well, at the lake my son said, “Mom HAS to have an arch!!!” (He’s so very sweet!) He also knows how much I appreciate natural beauty, and he located some really thick vines growing up a tree. He pulled a bunch of them down, and spent a lot of time fastening an arch…he even took one of the longest ones and tied it to the apex, then shinnied 20 feet up a tree and tied it to the tree so this vine-arch would stand up….he was virtually swimming in these vines!————————-Which turned out to be poison ivy. Oh, the poor, poor kid! The next day he swelled up like a pumpkin. Had to go to the hospital and get shot! In fact, everyone at the wedding got poison ivy to one extent or another!

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