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What movie archtypes have become tired and over used?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14611points) April 22nd, 2009

We’ve all seen the same movies and there’s so many cliche character types.
-The detective who doesn’t play by the rules
-The stripper with a heart of gold
-The waify supermodel woman who can kick ass over 20 men 3 times her size
-The nerd who gets the hot girl
-The everyman who has been pushed too far.
And so forth…

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The manic pixie dream girl.
I hate her.

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The goddess-whore archtype bugs the hell out of me.

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The hot guy who falls for the “good girl”
The old guy with the young girl
Older women content in gal pal groups instead of relationships

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the crazy old guy who gives the “hero/heroine” advice that changes his/her life.
the “good girl” who falls for the “bad boy” (one or both of them always change. always.)
the star-crossed lovers who HAPPEN to meet at the perfect time and have a conflict, then fall in love.

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Person goes on a journey or a hunt for something and ‘finds themself’ in the process

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That fucker that is always getting laid just because he shows up with a pizza that needs delivering.

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oh! and the girls in horror movies. the virgin that never dies. the girl who opens the very last door at the end of the dark hallway (where the killer ALWAYS is) and says “hellooo?” then dies. :D

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Going on the nerd guy-hot girl thing – how the nerd guy is always so sweet and so perfect and just needs to be noticed. Nerd does not automatically make him a nice, sweet guy.

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@hug_of_war Great answer. I’ve known more than a few “nerds” who were not nice at all.

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The scrawny, insecure guy that morphs into a sweaty, ass-busting motherfucker over a relatively short period of time.

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The Mr. Miyagi.

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The spunky girl who’s out to prove she’s as good as the guys.

The crabby old man who is stuck with responsibility for the adorable waif.

The man and woman who are deadly {business | political | social | religious | academic | etc.} enemies and who fall in love.

The many flavors of David and Goliath: little guy takes on huge adversary and tries to bring it down.

The evil overlord or master or diabolical scheming genius who is cloyingly soft-spoken and probably has a pet cat or lap dog.

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I am so tired of the whore mongering male who is really a good guy at heart.

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Parent and child dont get along . . .they switch places and grow to understand each other, see how hard it is for the other person and help each other through personal issues usually relationship issues

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Dumb blond

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Any character played by Keanu Reeves

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The “Michael Cera” character.

@Likeradar: What’s this character you’re referring to? I can’t picture it… do you have an example for my feeble mind?

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The awful in-laws. I thin that they create the expectation that your relationship with your in-laws should be horrific, and it doesn’t have to be.

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@Likeradar : Oh, that’s an actual term- Well, huh…I learned something today! Thanks for teaching!

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@ubersiren No problem! I love sharing my knowledge of mostly-useless info. :)

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The grizzled but lovable veteran cop – usually approximately six months from retirement – who is paired with the young maverick cop with a death wish.

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“Never Give a Saga an Even Break”

God bless Mel Brooks….

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The ridiculously beautiful and funny teenage girl who can’t get a date.

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The hardass cop who gets a “wacky new partner”.

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Isn’t that what SuperMouse just said?

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Not exactly. What I meant by wacky new partner was a movie like “The Man” with Samuel Jackson and Eugene Levy. Where the new partner is the comedy relief. Not a “young maverick cop with a death wish” as Supermouse described. Or even “48 hours”, there are more but they escape me at the moment.

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