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Tweetie VS Twitterific?

Asked by James_Mal (441points) April 22nd, 2009

Which do you prefer? I’ve been using Tweetie since it came out a few days ago, but… I think I miss Twitterific. I want to see which you like better, and maybe a few reasons why.

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Tweetie for features, interface, promptness and almost bug-free

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Okay, thanks!

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Tweetie! The interface is so clean and so good.

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Is this for the iPhone? Is Tweetie free?

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I’m assuming you mean for Mac OS X, as you mention Tweetie coming out a few days ago. Tweetie is far better, supports multple accounts, and is much more feature rich.

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Tweetie is what twitterific should have been.

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Personally, if I had to choose, I would say Tweetie, for more features and eye candy but I prefer bluebird anyway.

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I’d rather use software they’ve nearly got to feature complete!

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Sorry for not being specific, I did mean for OSX. :) Thank you folks!

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No problem!

On a side note
Twitterrific does not deserve the hype it gets, it really is not that great..

Pwitter is better

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Pwitter got smacked about with the ugly stick. Someone needs a UI designer – Leopard is far too pretty for that kind of flatness.

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I’m a fan of Bluebird right now.

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@dverhey I liked bluebird but no access to previous tweets. It holds say 15ish tweets before you have to go online to view them

I good alternative to Bluebird, is Canary, a VS is here:

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@bluedoggiant: Yeah, it’s still in beta though.

Either way, my opinion on all of this is very likely to change next week…

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Oh yes, Mac twitter clients are like…popcorn, they are just coming out everyday! Did you hear about Beak?, its in a private beta, people who have used tweetie for mac, bluebird, canary, nambu, eventbox, twangle, lounge, fuck it, every single twitter app out there, say beak is supposed to be IT. and is due for release on the 30th, paid app, but 30 day trial.

just a heads up to all you tweetie fans out there, like myself

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I’ve given Nambu a try. I like that. :) I’ll keep looking for others though. I enjoy tweetie, but it’s good to try ‘em all I think.

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