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What's so special about french fries and gravy?

Asked by andrew (16346points) April 23rd, 2009
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OH CANADA!!! poutine

Crap.. Much faster. good work.

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A question. Does Django have something like memcached built in. Or is this hitting the database every time? Or did you roll your own version of something yourself?

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@johnpowell Django has support for memcached built-in. We use it extensively on many levels.

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Poutine is yumeh! did you get it with squeaky cheese?

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God damn.. Django sounds better every day. I need to get off my ass and learn it. And just as I was drifting back into RoR. The PHP4LIFE tattoo is looking embarrassing now.

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I am so confused!

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lurve for paying respects to The Question.
keepin the tradition alive, one introspective question about food at a time

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@Judi :: OMFG you didn’t know Django is a MVC framework based off Python. Hang her. Or hang her with hugs. Your choice, I’m going to smoke a bowl.

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@johnpowell Do you really have a “PHP4LIFE” tattoo? That’s hard- I mean nerdcore.

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You’re missing the cheese. Fries and gravy are nothing, but fries, gravy, and fresh cheese curds are the closest thing to heaven you’ll get in a dish. Poutine is a wonderful delicious food. I strongly believe everyone should work on a great poutine recipe to impress and share with their friends, so as to spread this wonderful food around.

You can use frozen French Fries, but if you can make your own fresh that just adds to the deliciousness.

Gravy is a bit tricky. You can experiment to find a canned or packaged one that is suitable, the best gravy is one you make from drippings of course but it’s hard to save these for poutine time, plus gravy is tricky to make. The key is hot hot HOT gravy, hot melts the cheese!

Cheese is the best part. The gold cheese is fresh cheese curds, the kind that squeaks in your teeth when you eat them. If you can’t find cheese curds, try a firm cheddar cut into cubes. I wouldn’t recommend a creamy cheese like brie, but you could try other solid cheeses or a mix of some. I once made poutine with St Albert’s spicy white cheddar cheese (they also make cheese curds, and their cheese blocks are pretty much pressed curd, so they have that yumminess) and it was wonderful.

Fries, cheese, gravy. Let it sit so that the cheese melts for a bit, or pop it under the broiler for a few seconds. Consume. Yum.

Fast food poutine should really be call pootine. Enough said.

Can you tell I’ve spent my life around poutine? :)

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Yeah, poutine. Deeeeelicious! In NYC, they call them disco fries, but it doesn’t taste the same, not nearly. You can eat it only somewhere in Quebec.

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@johnpowell ;
even more confused.

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I have a friend who got a PHP tattoo duo on his shoulders. On the left blade he has <?php and on the right shoulder he has ?>. This leaves his head between the brackets. I found it cute :)

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i’m not sure what the conversation is about..

I’ve never had poutine, it sounds sooo gross. I’d still try it if I ever had the chance though.

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I’ve never had french fries with gravy, but it sounds good to me.

RoR has memchached support built in too. RoR 3 has a lot of improvements (they’re merging the best of Merb with the best of Rails). You’ll be able to use DataMapper (which is superior to ActiveRecord, imho) and jQuery (which I prefer over prototype).

That said, Python is a much better language than PHP.

Come to think of it, most languages are better than PHP.

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Django is the web framework bendrew used to create this website.

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What planet did I just land on?

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What’s so special about french fries and gravy? – Nothing. Other than a heart attack waiting to happen :P.

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West Virginian’s love the stuff, frankly I think it just looks like someone puked on a perfectly good pile of fries… :(

sorry for the visual, lol

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I am not fluent in that language I guess.

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<< Is not fluent in any computer language. Is also not down with the french fries and gravy thing.

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Oh, @augustlan, but it’s not just french fires and gravy. It’s also fresh cheese curds. Melted. And together, they become greater than the sum of their parts. Together, they are the perfect savory comfort dish.

I must get to Montreal soon.

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Don’t mind me, just debugging something

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And some more testing

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