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What's the difference between stupidity and naivety?

Asked by gambitking (4206points) April 23rd, 2009
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Volition, openness and tenacity. When my cat, Milo, arrived unexpectedly a year ago, I was naive and inexperienced. I listened to all the wonderful advice I received on Fluther. Stupidity would have been me treating Milo like a dog.

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A naive person won’t be naive forever.

A stupid person can be stupid forever.

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Naivity is erring on the side of ignorance.
Stupidity is knowing you’re screwing up and doing it anyway.

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Naïveté is when you make mistakes because you don’t know any better, because you’re inexperienced.

Stupidity is when you make mistakes when you should know better, because you’re not thinking things through or making poor decisions.

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Naïveté is curable.

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My opinion hasn’t changed from this question

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As others have said… naivete is inexperience, unwilling ignorance, just not knowing any better, and can be cured.

Stupidity is willful ignorance in the face of information, experience and aid.

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