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Any live music shows, concerts, and/or festivals that you're wanting to see this spring/summer?

Asked by Jude (32120points) April 23rd, 2009

I’m bummed that I missed Coachella (line-up) but, I’m definitely going to the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival). If Radiohead is touring anywhere near me, I’m there. Probably ACL, as well.

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Mile High Music Festival!

I got tickets to Day 1 only. Should be a blast. Tool and Ani DiFranco on the same day.

what’s ACL?

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Austin City Limits (Austin Tex-ass). I went last year and saw The Raconteurs (Jack White’s band), Beck, Manu Chao, Iron and Wine, Against Me and Hot Chip.

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@jmah How are Iron and Wine live? They’re opening for the Flight of the Conchords next month.

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Would love to Break away for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival And my daughter and grandkids want to go to the Northern California Pirate Festival

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This question inspired me to check out the line up for Lansing’s Common Ground Festival, and I just learned that STP is going to be there. I just might go to that.

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California WorldFest in July. The Indigo Girls will be there- looks like fun!

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I can’t go anywhere until I get a proper income. BOOOOO! :,(

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I’m considering the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, but it will be a lot more fun if I know a few other people who are going, and right now all my festival-going friends are skipping it.

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@Likeradar Iron and Wine were so good. Sam Beam’s voice was like melted butta’

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Porcupine Tree is touring…

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Ahhh I went to Coachella last year!

Outside Lands (such an amazing lineup!)
Treasure Island Music Festival
Harmony Festival

Haha can you tell where I live?

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Northwest String Summit and Rothbury. I might make NWSS, I don’t think Michigan is in the cards for me.

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-warped tour (for streetlight manifesto, shooter jennings, anti-flag, P.O.S., less than jake, and a few others)
-rancid, but i doubt i’ll be able to go. it’s like the day after my birthday, and only a few hours away, but i really am trying not to get my hopes up /:
-horrorpops in a few days<3
-sunfest on friday and maybe sunday (friday – slightly stoopid, pepper, the expendables; sunday – g. love, steve miller band, jack’s mannequin)
-new york dolls!

i think that’s it

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Camp Jam (if your in the south jersey area i highly recommend you go. The festival is twice a year, once at the beginning of summer and then another at the end. Both are a blast.)
Camp Bisco (wanted to go for years, this is the first time i finally can. And Shpongle is putting on a live show, im psyched.)

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im sure that G-DADDY-D is in manhatten between sept 20th and 28th

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