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What do you to do put a smile on your face?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) April 23rd, 2009

What makes you happy?

For a quick break at work or after a long day, for a long weekend,when you just want a pick me up, or whatever!

When I only have a minute or two, sometimes I take a break by watching music videos I like on youtube or looking at pictures of puppies.

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Watch my dog do silly things. She puts a smile on my face every day.

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I look at pics on my phone. My friends and I are constantly doing dumb things and feel the need to capture it all on camera. When I look at the pictures and think about how much fun we have just being silly, I smile. Oh, and watching this video…

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The one thing that will always make me laugh is watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. I love it

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I listen to happy-sounding music from Denmark:

And this isn’t just joke-music I listen to make myself feel happy; I legitimately like it. I’ve listened to this song in my car before.

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Hanging out in the hot tub with my spouse, a bottle of wine and good cheese. Life is good!

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@Dog Sounds like a great way to end a long day.

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That or I buy stationery. I don’t know why, but office supplies make me happy.

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@MacBean I have a co-worker who absolutely glows when we get the new boxes of office supplies in. That is the best part of her month.

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@Dog: Now I want a hot tub sooooo much!!!

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I’ll watch a sketch from one of my favourite shows, or kittens just starting to walk or open their eyes or something on YouTube. I’ll also listen to some music or call a pal for a few minutes.

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When I am sad or stressed, I watch this and everything bad disappears. This is my happy place.

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I look at pictures from our family vacations. Those are the happiest moments of my life.

Repeats of SNL always put a smile on my face too.

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Think of my childrens silly ways and day dream of beautiful things my husband said to me..:)

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Put my hand to my chest/heart.

It was a hypnotherapy exercise I did a while back. Works every time now. Usually I giggle a little, too.

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sometimes i’ll call one of my best friends, because she is just the best person to talk to on the phone. sometimes when i’m really sad i’ll basically force myself to answer the phone if she’s calling, because she’s usually so silly and random, it has to make you smile. she gets bored and starts making like ridiculous sound effects for no reason, and they honest to god make you forget why you’re upset for awhile.

i listen to bright eyes, because they/conor makes the most beautiful music i’ve ever heard. june on the west coast puts me in the absolute best mood ever. it is the perfect mix of happiness, sadness, a touch of nostalgia, and sugar.

also, i can’t forget this!!

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Recently, this. So freaking hilarious.

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My favorite was “I miss you like a fat girl misses the prom”

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