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Do you often experience syncronicity?

Asked by FGS (1932points) April 24th, 2009

I experience it daily with Kelly27 but something out of the ordinary happened this week. I was thinking about a friend I had in the Army 15 years ago while on my way home from work yesterday. I haven’t seen him in 13 years or spoken to him in about 10. Today when I checked the mailbox I received a letter from him…how weird is that?

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I experienced it yesterday. I needed to call my Dr. for a referral to another Dr. and wrote myself a reminder to call her. Five minutes later, her office called me about something else. I was weirded out by it.

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@chyna My mom swears that it happens all of the time but we just don’t pay attention to it…This one was just too weird to explain.

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Well…consider how many times you have thought about people and not received an email from them. It’s not all that bizarre.

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@Jayne But to be honest, I haven’t thought about him for years

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And, I never sit around and think about my Dr.

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I don’t believe in it. I think it’s suggestive thinking rationalizing random events.

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Lets say that the chance of this event occurring is one in one thousand- the chance of you having this one thought on the same day out of a three-year-span as the friend contacts you, assuming that both events were bound to occur at some point over the span (not an accurate assumption, but close enough). This is, as you say, highly unlikely. But this would only be suggestive of something so meaningful as synchronicity if you lived in a box and this email was the only contact you had with the outside world. In real life, there are thousands of possible combinations of events that could be seen as meaningful, many more if you are inclined to look for them. If there are a thousand such events- a gross underestimate, I believe- and each of those combinations also has a 1/1000 chance of materializing, there is a 63% chance that at least one will. So while the chance that this one confluence of events should happen is minuscule, it is quite likely that some bizarre combination will occur as possible “evidence” of synchronicity.

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Sometimes I do. But while Syncronicity is a pretty good album by The Police, I think I prefer listening to Outlandos d’Amour.

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For whatever reason synchronistic events happen all the time. Your assumptions about the ratio of this occurring are wildly speculative and as unknown as the occurrence. Things happen of which we have no explanation and that may or may not turn out to be chance. We may discover something completely different which causes these occurrences such as the power of thought, attention or attraction.

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Sure. And even though I believe it’s just random chance, I still get goosebumps sometimes.

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The chances I used were purely for example, and I do not think they were all that unreasonable (the first one is calculable within one order of magnitude or so, and the second as I say is, if inaccurate, probably an understatement, although it depends on the person). The fact remains that if you choose to view them that way, it is eminently probably, or at least not improbable, that events will crop up that seem to be evidence of an underlying power, because of their discrete improbability and their apparent significance. But there is no reason to call upon such a power to explain them; simple probability suffices, combined with the human tendency to see patterns where there are none. Perhaps there is such a power as you mention; but synchronicity is not evidence for it. And yes, as @Augustlan says, it is fun to revel in the sheer unlikelihood of these evnts; it just doesn’t make sense to read into them.

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All the time, it’s one of my joys in life.

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