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Is there any food you really don't like that plenty of other people like?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) April 25th, 2009

For me, it would have to be eggs. I can’t stand them. And yes, I know I eat them in cookies and cakes and what not, but I’m referring to them outside of baking. Outside of baking, I don’t like them in anything. The sight and smell of them makes me want to throw up…all gooey and yellow. Who would want to eat food that smells like sulfur? I hate that kind of sweet sulfur smell they have…revolting…

I’m not exactly sure why I find them so disgusting. My mom says I used to eat them when I was really little then all of a sudden I decided they were gross.

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Italian food.

Which is ironic as i’m like 1/3 italian.

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well. i’m a vegetarian. you can figure that one out.
and melon of any kind. i hate the watery, squishy taste and texture.

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Not melon! Melon is my favorite fruit of all time (watermelon & cantaloupe especially). There’s nothing better than melon on a hot summer day…

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tomatoes, cantaloupe, melons that taste like cantaloupe, cucumbers, cherries, most vegetables

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haha. well, i guess that proves my point. lots of people love melon, i hate it.
(and @Facade hates it too!)

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Ice cream.

Also tomatoes. I can’t handle the tomato goo.

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Cauliflower. I hate it. It tastes like what I imagine poison (literally) to taste like. I love vegetables, but I just loathe cauliflower.

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Ice cream?

May God have mercy on us all…

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@Dansedescygnes I get that a lot. I’ve never had an argument over who ate the ice cream. The part is somewhat beneficial

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I used to dislike fudge, ranch and mayonnaise as a kid.
Anything super rich and creamy. I got over my hang-up for those eventually.

I still don’t like cheese cake though. The funny thing is that I’d probably
have less of a problem with it if it were called a cheese torte.

<rant>It’s a lump of sweet cream cheese on a pie crust! There is nothing cake-like about it!
You could call it a sweet cheese pie. It is NOT A CAKE!/<rant> Okay, I really need to calm down.

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I don’t like tomatoes…
I like ketchup, puré, grilled, fried, sundried, baked and so on, just not tomatoes…

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Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I hate mint. It reminds me of toothpaste.

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I’m kind of similar in that fashion, but I’ve gotten to love pico de gallo in Mexican food in recent years. I never used to. So really, the only form of tomatoes I don’t like are big slices of it.

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I dont dig on:

Seafood (any seafood)

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@Triiiple I don’t like mustard either

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it is disgusting.

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Bell pepper. GROSS!

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I can’t think of any foods I don’t like apart from tomatoes and strawberries.

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coffee and beer (both drinks I know)
Funny thing is I like the smell of coffee, but can’t stand the taste.

anything green, especially things such as pees and broccoli. I’ve actually seen people eat this stuff! really! Yuk!

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I wouldn’t eat pees, either! :D All kidding aside, I have eaten peas, but I don’t like them unless they’re absolutely fresh from the pod and only lightly steamed.

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bannanas… YUCK!!! Slimy, horrible, smell gross… bleugh!!!!

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You reminded me, beer. I still drink beer but I just can’t stand it.

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Mayo, I do eat it with other things like sandwiches and potato salad, but to do so I must regard it as necessary evil. Capers really bother me too, but I don’t know that many people feel very strongly about them at all.

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I am disgusted by eggs also…the texture really grosses me out. I hate watermelon, it’s very grainy…yuck! And I’m not to keen on fish.

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@miasmom Only bad watermelons are grainy.
The good ones are deliciously crisp!
(I hate grainy watermelon too.)

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@Nimis I guess I’ve never had a good watermelon, maybe I should give it one more try?

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I hate Mexican food. If it’s got beans, corn chips/tortillas, green peppers, guac, sour cream, or salsa, keep it far, far away from me.
I hate mustard.
I hate peanuts and peanut butter with chocolate. Even a trace of the peanut flavor kills chocolate for me.
And I hate soda. I’ve actually never had a full soda of any sort.

@The_Compassionate_Heretic- Ice cream? All flavors?

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I do not eat raw oysters. For one thing, their hearts are still beating.

I also hate poi but lots of Hawaiians love it.

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haha…you’re like the exact opposite of me. Mexican food is my favorite type of food and I love peanuts and chocolate. That’s why I like burritos. It combines tortillas, beans, guacamole, sour cream, green peppers, and salsa, and more all in one!

But I agree with you on the soda part. I’ve never had a full soda of any sort either.

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Raw tomatoes, cooked carrots, cilantro, avocado, guacamole.

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Cookie dough and skim milk.

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some of these answers are shocking. truly shocking.

Hmm, the only thing I can think of is..anything teriyaki. I don’t like the flavor at all.

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Bananas-the consistency, taste and smell make me want to throw up. Every couple years I will take a bite of one to see if I like them and so far, I’ve never been able to stomach them. I am big on consistency with food. I don’t like anything creamy-not a big fan of pudding or custards. Grosses me out.

Also I don’t like tomato. I will eat ketchup on fries, but don’t like it on bread so much. I’m a big mustard fan. But I do like spaghetti sauce-some people tell me that’s weird, but I don’t think so.

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Any cheese other than parmesan, any fish or seafood, anything too sugary, sweet potatoes, milk, eggs, and mustard. Yuck!

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Watermelon. I like the artificial flavor, but when it comes to the actual fruit, I can’t stand it.

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Pineapple. Even the smell of it makes me want to vomit

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@KalWest You’re insane! Pineapple rocks!

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ugh! lol
(I also don’t like cherry filled chocolate)
but we can still be friends

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I don’t like cheese of any sort.

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@KalWest I’m with you on the cherry filled chocolates. Ew.

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@DrasticDreamer Im with both of you i hate those

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Oh and I forgot, I also hate lunch meat of any kind, it makes me want to throw up.

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I would love to share a pantry with you guys. None of you would ever think about touching my food because you would all hate it.

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@miasmom Yes, if it’s mostly the grainy texture that’s throwing you off,
I would most definitely vote on giving watermelon another chance. =)

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Pizza. It seems to be everyone’s fallback food.. which is part of the reason I don’t like it… always pizza… blah

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I dislike beets, lima beans, baby corn cobs, some fish, veal, lamb and the absoloute worst….creamed corn! Bleh!

But I love brussel sprouts dipped in mayo! hahaha

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Blue Cheese and all the other furry stinky cheesies
Liver…all livers (the oil filter of the animal!)
Ice Creams with Propylene Glycol and High Fructose Corn Syrup
Head Cheese….oh gag

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Oh, thanks for the headcheese thought…on my first cup of coffee here before launching my day…feel very queasy now! :-(

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@Coloma Hehe! Sorry!
When I was a young girl, my Norwegian Great Grandmother would have these Sunday afternoon tea parties with her sisters and I would go with her. The buffet was loads of home made cookies, relish trays, fruit salad, cold sliced meats and cheeses with sliced rye and lefsa. I would watch these people enjoy this head cheese with pure delight and call it a delicasy! They would tell me these fantastic tales about head cheese, like it was some magical treat. I would just laugh and laugh and shake my head. And stuff my face with fruit salad and cookies!
To this day, I don’t like eating animal fat of any sort, let alone that jellied chunky…oooh EEeew! I’ll stop! gag
(oh, and they had Lutefisk too)

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Cream: luckily, you’re not obliged to eat it as a vegan =P, but man I remember how disgusting that vile fluid was…!

Also, ice cream (I suppose that one figures); meat; cheese; milk, (this is one disgusting list); that hideous liquid ice cream soda, (I’m glad you don’t see it all that much in this country); crisps i don’t like all that much either.

@OneMoreMinute I’d never heard of headcheese before – that is not nice. =|

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Oh yeah, I know! Even the nicest grocery store sells it in the deli section! Go and see for yourself!
And the funny thing, it’s not even cheese! It’s made from meat from the head (I think cow?) and fat and that jelly fat like jello.

Oofda mia! (that’s Norwegian curse talk!)

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My childhood trauma food was my aunts tomato aspic sald. OMG!
Hidious wobbly tomato jello flecked with all sorts of barfy bits & peices like green olive rings and shallots and such, served on a lovely butterleaf lettuce bed.

The lengths I went to in attempts to mash that stuff around and shove it under the lettuce! lol

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@Coloma “childhood trauma food” ha!
fortunately, I was never forced to eat anything that I didn’t want to eat. or clean my plate.

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@OneMoreMinute Oh man =|, who even thought that might be a good idea?

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