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Have you ever been to a Renaissance Fair?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) April 26th, 2009

If so, what kind of food is served? Beer?!

Are a lot of people dressed up?

Might try and find one to go to in Central Florida, something ive always been interested in. I wanna be a viking, the cool kind though not the Flavor Flav kind.

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If it’s a renaissance fair wouldn’t you have to go dress as someone from the renaissance period?

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Maybe im thinking the wrong kinda fair, still want to be a viking =[

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Yup, in Michigan. Ate a huge turkey drumstick. People were walking around eating turkey right off of the bone (much like how one would eat cotton candy on a stick whilst at a fair). Various ales were served and yes, a lot people who worked for the fair were dressed in various costumey wares. Fun times.

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Yes, the giant drumsticks are quite tasty.
I’ve been a few times, it’s really fun. I’ve never dressed up for it though. A lot of people dress up.

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They’re really fantasy fairs anyway, the Renaissance bit is kind of irrelevant, so feel free to get your Viking on. They’re fun.

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King Richard’s Fair in New England.

I went every year through high school and most of college. Never dressed up though, but some friends did.

Ate the giant drumstick, chowder in a bread bowl. There was a running story though the fair that ended in a jousting tournament.

Lots if fun.

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In Upper Manhattan there’s a Ren Faire every autumn in the park near the Cloisters, which is a perfect setting since the Cloisters consist of a monastery and another medieval European building that the Rockefellers had brought over and rebuilt.

People definitely dress up.There’s mock sword fights and jousting, horse riding exhibitions, people singing, storytellers, jesters running around, the whole bit. There’s even mead for sale at some of the stalls. I saw more than a few gents eating big old turkey legs imitating Charles Laughton in Henry VIII.

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@aprilsimnel My mother doesnt live to far from the Cloisters actually, to bad its not this summer ill be going up.

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They have a Renaissance Faire every year in Waxahachie, TX. OMG, it’s great! Food, costumes, drinks, shows, tons of stuff to buy, jousting tournaments, games, etc. It’s wonderful. It should be starting to gear up right about now. They have a parade through the grounds in their costumes. They shout to the people…it’s such fun.

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There’s a local one near my home in the Fall; and last year I went to the big one in Pennsylvania. I ordered these gorgeous, comfortable custom moccasins and they just came in!

There were a lot of people dressed in Medieval gear at both places; proportionately it may have been higher at the local fair.

I was never good at history, so I have no clue when the Vikings were in England, so I can’t tell you if your idea would be appropriate or not.

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I used to go quite often—at least once a year to various ones. It’s a ton of fun—you can dress however you want. There’s always a few Trekkies or Stormtroopers who show up, lots of vikings and the like, fairies, witches, and the normal renny folk.

There is lots of deliciousness—usually several kinds of beer and wine, mead, and many many sodas. Everything is expensive because, you know, it’s a fair. But there is lots of fun shopping to be had, usually many good shows to take in, and it’s just generally a great experience.

Food wise, it is usually whatever fair food is normal in your area plus turkey legs. There are almost always turkey legs.

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Well, we had one in 7th grade. All the 7th graders had to participate in it and we all had Renaissance outfits and everything. I remember I was an alderman so I got to follow the mayor of the “towne” around during the procession as she was sitting on a chair carried by several people like pallbearers almost and I had a baby-blue colored cap and vest whereas everyone else had like black, brown, white, or green…lol. We had two Renaissance dances that we did also.

Oh 2004…good times…man, I was under 5 feet tall back then…

But I would love to go to another one sometime. I know some more “nerdy” people at my school to have gone to one recently and they had elaborate costumes and it all looks so cool. I love the Renaissance.

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Uh, I thought the Flavor Flav kind of viking is the cool kind….

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Anyone from FL venture into these?

I really dont care time period, im going with a battle axe either way to rape and pillage,

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I went to one in the ‘80s as part of a student film crew. Some guy in velvet and seude came up to me and said, “your pardon, milord. Doest thou have the time?”

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I’ve been a couple times. It’s fun but I’m not going to be an annual attendee. They have beer and they have sausage and turkey legs and things of that sort. Basically be prepared for a long day in the sun so drink a lot of water.

I generally try to buy something there because some of these folks work really hard but make very little money.

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Thanks. I thought I didn’t seem too much like the renaissance period in American shows.
We don’t have them here in the UK as far as I know, I would love to go maybe as a knight in full armor.

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Was just at one yesterday….my grandson is into fencing so his fencing class put on a couple of demos. They were dressed in period costumes. Those fairs are a blast! I was in one, once. I got to dress as a Lady of the Court, in a beautiful flowing pink gown…and I also wore some funky sunglasses!


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