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Which MP3 player should I get?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) April 26th, 2009

My price range is around 150$ and ideally I’d like the memory to be around 16gb. I don’t mind buying it used or refurbished. I already have an Iphone. Originally I posed a topic similar to this…but something happened.

I don’t mind getting a Zune or other brands out there.

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I hate everything about the Zune, I hate the menus, the player is ridiculous. Just, everything.

Ever since I got an iPod and replaced my old Rio player from back in the day. I’ve been sold.

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iPod. No one does portable music better than Apple right now.
This was posted April 2009

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Oh, please don’t timestamp. :(

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If there comes a time that Apple is no longer the best in this field, it’d be good if future readers knew when I posted that particular piece of commentary

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there are so many things that upset people here… timestamping to add to that list.

iPod every time, never regretted owning them, used them as a sound designer to operate shows and they have never once let me down.

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