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Help me understand my dream?

Asked by anoop66 (899points) April 26th, 2009

In the last week, I had this dream for 2 nights straight. The thing is it’s pitch dark around me. Its night time and I am standing on the street. I walk around a bit. Then, I see a house. The house sort of stirs some familiar feeling inside me. I want to enter the house. Maybe a friend lived there. Can’t really recall. Anyway after a moment or two, I choose not to go to the house. Don’t know why again. At that precise point, a black vicious looking dog runs towards me. I try to run, but he catches me nonetheless. As soon as he starts biting me, I wake up.

I am kind of scared of dogs, but I don’t think its the major focus in this dream. And the dog is the image I have of the most vicious one, you know the black evil looking sort of thing. Something about running away from something, a fear or something ? Help pls

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Any major incidents recently in your life? That has an effect on your dreams.

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There are dream dictionaries online. suggests getting bit by a dog signifies and inability to maintain balance in life, a hesitancy toward approaching a new situation, an unwillingness to progress towards one’s goals or (alternately) a disloyalty.

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An old, run down house represents old beliefs or ways of thinking. In general, a house represents soul & self.

Darkness represents failure, ignorance or fear of the unknown. Being lost in darkness may symbolize depression, desperation, or insecurity.

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@russell not any major incidents that i can recall of

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@anoop66 Hmmmm… Well usually the interpretation of being chased in a dream is running from a fear or guilt. The dog representing the guilt or fear. It could even represent unwanted responsibility.

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It means the bird you have in the toaster is humming Ukrainian, not Russian, and if you let the spoon talk you out of your suitcase, you shouldn’t turn off the light.

Wait a minute…Maybe this is the dream…

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Houses are symbolic of a part of yourself.
Darkness is a symbol of uncertainty or the unknown.
The vicious dog is a manifestation of your fears.
Running away from something in a dream is symbolic of avoidance or denial in some aspect of your life. These efforts are ultimately futile as they always catch up with you in the end.

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Dont get scared man. It totally depends on us, our own activities, what we dream. It might had happened, that day you would have taken too much stress on your mind and so you dreamed like that. In life one may face many problems, but god love those who take lessons from them and the one who crosses those obstacles. Have always good thoughts in your mind, you will see good dreams. And your dream is not scary though somewhat unnatural. But you can take this one as a funny lesson. God might be telling you that if you ever see such type of house in your life don’t enter it, otherwise the dog will bite you practically.—he he. So cheer up and enjoy life with good deeds and good thoughts.

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You’re Harry Potter.

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