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Could some of the hikers or nurses help me out?

Asked by Shecky_Johnson (720points) April 27th, 2009

As I was hiking today, my hands started to swell. it kinda freaked me out. My hiking buddy said it was (maybe)water retention.
How do I stop this from happening? How do I reverse what ever happened?

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That happens to me when I hike or go on any long walks. I’m pretty sure it happens if you let your arms hang down for any extended time, especially in warm weather. More blood just rushes to them. I can’t get my wedding ring off when this happens. Hold your arms above your head and get them into some air conditioning.

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I don’t know the why, but it happens to me now as well as my girlfriend and neither of us have periods.

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It could be from water retention, but it’s obviously a circulation issue. You might be able to remedy this by stretching beforehand and being sure to drink enough water (obviously not too much), since this has a marked effect on circulation. Be sure to keep your upper body moving when you hike, including your hands and arms. Regardless, puffy hands won’t kill you.

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My hands always start swelling up when I’m out in the heat, or long walks. I don’t know the exact cause, but it is normal. That’s all I know.

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Happens to me too with hands, feet and my ears to where they get itchy and burning too so I figure it’s got to do with circulation.

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Try keeping your elbows bent when hiking. Maybe lightly hold on to the straps of your pack by your chest for periods to let the blood flow back out of your hands. This is pretty common when walking because your hands are hanging down. When jogging, the elbows are bent and held a little higher, so the blood is able to flow back out of the hands easier.

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If it’s warm out and you’re exercising, it is normal for your extremities to swell (hands and feet). Heat causes blood vessels to expand and produce a greater blood flow to the area, and cold does just the opposite. If this overly concerns you for medical reasons (i.e., high blood pressure, dizziness), I would limit your exercise time and make sure it’s done in a cooler setting (like early in the morning) or simply see a doctor. If there is no medical reason for your concern, I wouldn’t really worry about it. It’s just your body’s natural response to external heat.

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There are a couple of clarifications you need to make before really having an answer. 1] Is this a new condition that has just started? That is, have you been hiking before and this never happened? 2] Does it happen at other times? For example when you go on a vigorous walk? There are additional medical questions you should look at as well. blood pressure? are you overweight? age? other medical conditions? and finally you should see a medical doctor if you are concerned.

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