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In these trying times of recession, repression, depression, is there one luxury that you refuse to give up?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12903points) April 28th, 2009

Times are hard right now for a lot of people, and while everyone is doing what they can to cut back and save $$$, there is one luxury that I haven’t given up on. I still buy Omaha Steaks every couple of months. They are the best steaks I’ve ever tasted, and I can’t help buying a few every so often. Is there anything you refuse to give up until you absolutely have to?

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HDTV and Internet connection.

I must Fluther and watch Lost in HD!

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Well I keep hearing that now is the time to buy in oder to stimulate the economy, so hey lol. To answer your question, I don’t have any “luxuries” imo, but I haven’t changed any habits (if that counts).

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Top-shelf booze. I’d rather drink less than settle for mediocre swill.

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The Internet and good chocolate and belonging to the gym which I could give up if I could give up the chocolate

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I’m not giving up Netflix or the YMCA membership. I hate renting videos and the YMCA entertains everyone in my family.

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People say “internet access”. I wonder how many really mean “porn”.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic People use the Internet to watch porn? I thought the Internet was for Fluthering

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@Darwin It’s definitely for porn :|

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Probably the intenet, than DSL. Next, good beer, and if I have to psychotropic drugs, but not necessarily in that order

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Not to be boring, but I actually need my connection for work. Boring, but true. OH…and for Fluther.

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@cak Yeah I need it for work too but once you need it for work, it’s no longer a luxury.

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Quality Beer and Food. its my major vice, but like dave, i’d rather have less quantity of quality than more quantity period.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic it kinda loses the “fun” side of it…blah!

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Chocolate, coffee and a good cigar

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From this list, it sounds like no one is hurting too bad. Glad to hear it.

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High speed internet. I don’t think I could be a moderator without it. Cigarettes (I know, I know). I haven’t given up cable TV or Netflix yet, but I have cut them both back to cheaper plans. If need be, they’d be the next things to go.

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High speed internet, definitely. I never had it until about 4 months ago, but now that I have it I don’t think I could be online without it. Dial up would drive me bonkers at this point.

Also, on a (slightly) related note, I tried to go vegan but I absolutely could not give up cheese on my spaghetti. Sad.

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my iphone, and good food

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Instead of cutting back I just got another job, now I can spend, spend, spend! I don’t understand why people cut back on things it just hurts the economy even more. I think the initial scare is what causes the economy to collapse because as soon as people the words bad and economy in the same sentence they automatically think to start cutting back, this drives the economy to HELL. It would be better if no one had said anything at all lol.

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iPhone! With text package!

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Also, I like to upgrade my (initially very scummy) house on a regular basis. So I hire guys, cause I can’t do some of the stuff guys can do. And I can’t give up paying them what they were getting before the recession hit. I say, “What’s your hourly rate?” and they uniformly say “Well, it used to be (x) but I could charge you (x – n).” Then I say, “Well, I’d feel better paying you (x) because I know you’ll do nice work for me.” Win-win, because they do.

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There are always good books and used ones cost very little.

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Internet access (have to have my daily Fluther fix), single-malt scotch (a staff of life), espresso ( the other staff of life) and cigarettes (alas!). I can live with my current collection of books and classical CDs if I had to. Clothing to me is merely covering my nakedness. I’ve driven the same car for 35+ years. I have no need to impress anyone.

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Good Beer.

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