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Do people carry watches anymore?

Asked by oratio (8905points) April 29th, 2009

I don’t know anybody who wears a watch these days. They all use the cell phone for time. I have a $400 watch which I haven’t used in years.

Do you wear a watch?

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Your story is identical to mine.

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I noticed this the other day when walking through Lund….not many watches and presumed that the cell phone had replaced them…I think cell phone usage in Sweden is amongst the highest in the world.

I still wear a watch, but I’m a bit of a luddite and don’t own a cellphone yet…GASP! (like confessing a murder…)

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I don’t have a cell either, and still don’t wear a watch. I am not an addict, but in AA and NA it was joked about that you would never see an addict wearing a watch (because they pawned them.)

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I always have my watch on, how else would I know what date it is and I am constantly using the stopwatch and timer. My phone is in my pocket, would be annoying to have to drag it out whenever I wanted to know what time it is.

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No watch for me either my phone or mp3 player works for me

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Are you kidding?
I have a digital watch that shows the time and the date, and has an alarm, calculator and stopwatch function. I use each of these all the time.
And my brother recently bought a solar-powered watch, by the way. So yeah, some people are still interested in them.

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I love watches and love wearing one, I feel naked without one these days. I’m going to start saving up for a really nice one because I’m sick of my fake rolex from Iraq :P

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I cant wear things like that :( I do have watches tho :)
And my brother just bought a casio retro looking watch from argos the other week

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I have a retro looking Casio watch. It’s awesome.

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I would love his watch .I f only i could wear them :( i do have an addidas watch from the 90’s the face is like a fish bowl it cost me 250£ . I have a few watches i carry them with me if i go out, in my pocket tho does that count ?

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I want the watch on the far right of this group.

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Now if they made earrings that could tell the time I would wear one! :)

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@sandystrachan You’re making me curious as to why you can’t wear watches.

Judging from the fact that you’re posting here, I’m going to assume you use a keyboard and therefore do have arms. Overreactive skin? Bracelets you really want to wear but that get in the way? Really wide or narrow wrists? A job in a bread factory where you’d risk losing it? A vandalous pet that likes to toy with stuff you wear around your wrists?

I’m sorry. I sometimes just start speculating when I’m curious.

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Bracelet on me would be a tad gay i think .
I cant even wear my wedding rind my skin starts to swell and blister .
I could be armless and be using my mouth to type, or speech recognition software !

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It’s easier for me to turn my wrist and glance than to pull a phone out of my pocket and press a button. I also like Swatches and watches in general.

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@nanocat Ha ha, that would be great, but how on earth would you be able to see it?

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@sandystrachan I see. My second hypothesis. :P

Using your mouth to type would be relatively feasible, I guess. I just think it would be so bothersome it would discourage partaking in online discussions.
And I know speech recognition software. What I’ve seen of it is so clumsy and incompetent that it would make me throw my computer out of a window. Even if I didn’t have any arms.

(Oh, I’d find a way.)

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It would whisper in your ear kinda sexy like.

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@Fyrius I am sure there is a down-loadable app that will throw it out for you .

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@Fyrius Or you could just tell it to go out the window.

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@nanocat Lol, I have no response to that. I guess it would be good. You would show other people the approximate time as well by being sexually aroused. I guess it’s a win for all.

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Speech recognition software carrying out everything it thinks I just told it to do? That sounds scary as heck.
I’d ask it to go boil me an egg and it would probably end up flooding my room with cactuses or something.

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@Fyrius I guess the real question is whether or not the cactus will be wearing watches or not.

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@nanocat If you asked it for a soft-boiled egg, they probably would.

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have a couple of watches
no longer wear them
seems like no matter where you are these days, you either have a digital clock nearby, or your cell phone

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I have a phone i paid $250 for, why do i need a watch.

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I think there is a law someplace that prohibits anyone under 25 from wearing one.
I’m well over 25 and stopped wearing one years ago.

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A local law that forbids people under 25 to wear watches?

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It’s a joke. I should have included the ~ sign but forgot. Were you worried?

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Actually I do own a watch. It’s the kind that’s on a chain and goes in your pocket.Pretty cool eh? Bet you haven’t seen anybody with that kind of watch (except in old movies).

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I own 4 Swatches™ from the late 1980s, none of which I wear. I never liked getting the pale band around my wrist in the summer after a few hours in the sun. I use my iPhone™.

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Maybe a watch-phone would be nice.

@nanocat That is cool. You should get a monocle to go with it :p

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No, just weirded out.

I had a history nerd classmate in high school who had a pocket watch on a chain.
Oh, and a history teacher who had one. But I don’t think either gave the other the idea.

Wow, that’s really awesome. I’ve been waiting for this to be invented.

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I love my watches. I wear one everyday. I am also developing a deep hatred of all new technology, so that could also explain my dependence on the old fashioned wrist watch.

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I wear a watch. It’s made of titanium. It never needs to be charged or have batteries replaced. It has a timer, a stopwatch, and three alarms. It can tell time up to 300 feet underwater (how many of you take your cell phones underwater?) Perhaps best of all, it has a slide rule! How retro is that? All that, and it looks very sleek, like a Maserati. now if only I could figure out how to use it

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@daloon : How in the heck does your watch have a slide rule? That is way too cool.

edit: I looked up slide rule watches… whoa. Why don’t they make those in women’s styles?

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If I wore a watch, I’d always have to worry about it going with what I’m wearing. I’m currently too broke to worry about that. So no, I don’t wear a watch.

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@Les: It’s hard enough manipulating the thing at a man’s watch size. Even if you do have smaller fingers, I think it would be too hard to both make it work, and see it, if it were any smaller. As it is, I can barely get the thing to move, and it’s really hard to line up the numbers accurately.

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@daloon : Ah. I see. Bummer. Lousy small wrists. ;-) Cool watch, though.

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@Les: well, you made me do it. I looked up how to use a slide rule, and found this very quaint English maths instruction manual, that starts by teaching folks what decimals are.

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I don’t really know anyone that wears a watch. People in my husbands profession would never wear them, as they have their hands over flames all day…the metal would heat up and burn.

I use my cell phone. If I had a very nice watch, I might wear it. But, my husband did get me one when we first started dating and I rarely wore it :(

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@daloon : Oh yeah? Well take this: Virtual slide rule. Thanks for the link, btw.

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I love my Omega speedmaster. It was my father’s watch. No mobile phone will ever get close to substitute it.


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Get this, lol, I don’t have a cell phone AND I don’t wear a watch. Here’s the kicker. I’m always on time.

I used to be stressed out by the clock so much. So I got rid of it. I don’t wear a watch, I don’t carry a phone. Also I only have one clock in my house and that is my alarm clock which is in the back of my room. I am much less stressed out and I have a much higher aptitude for natural time now. I hate being late and I never am even without a watch. It also helps me adhere to my beliefs about time which are a bit different from the norm.

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That time and space are “illusions” is not that weird of an idea, not a new one either.Schrodinger’s cat told me at breakfast one morning.~:)

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I’m not always one to wear watches, but there is a story – boring – to that, I’ll just leave it alone. My husband, he can’t function if he doesn’t have a watch on. He has a cell phone, but it’s not convenient to time things (something he does at work, while fixing things, sometimes) with the cell phone.

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I do. My husband does. Our children don’t. When my cellphone is on my wrist like Dick Tracy’s, maybe then I won’t either.

I have yet to see anything digital that isn’t ugly. My watch has Roman numerals on the face.

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My cell phone is always in my car, so my watch helps

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