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What do you call a disk that didn't burn right and is now useless?

Asked by nanocat (45points) April 29th, 2009
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A coaster for my coffee mug.

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Raw material for an art project.

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boinked disc

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A disc-ard.

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A milli Vinilli

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Coaster…just like the old free ubuntu cd’s, never run out of coasters again.

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A piece of shit

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A frisbee.
If you put it in on top of an empty tea cup the microwave for 3–5 seconds it will make pretty sparks. Zzzzaapp!!!

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You call it Wilson, hug it, talk to it and keep it as your best friend.

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It’s a coaster. But not as cool as this coaster! Yes, I was a tween in the early 80s. Shut up.

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I call it a WHY GOD WHY

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A perfect reflector, if hung on a tree, to show the snow plow guy where the driveway is.

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A blunt shuriken of rage!

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@Zaku I was not aware that blunts had feelings &)

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If you hang it in the garden it will keep the birds off your plants.

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@nanocat – I’m not sure they do either – I was thinking of the rage with which I throw them. Now that you mention it though, it may be that the rage is actually imparted into the disks along with the kinetic energy.

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I thought you were talking about another kind of blunt haha.

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