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Has the new flu been named?

Asked by kelly (1918points) April 29th, 2009

like the Hong Kong, bird flu

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…swine flu?

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I haven’t seen any names other than it’s a influenza A H1N1 type.
This virus is is part swine, part avian, and part human flu. So as it is a swine flu type but also avian, maybe it should be called something else.

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There is talk of removing the “Swine” reference from the title and using the strain H1N1 due to the reference to pork products.

I wish them luck though- once a name sticks it is hard to get rid of it.

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Bacon Lung I totally stole that from Reddit. I can’t take credit.

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@oratio i understand there’s more to it than swine, but have you seen the news lately? “swine flu” is ALL over the news. Apparently some haven’t noticed…

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@casheroo Yeah, I know. I just thought that it’s somewhat wrong to call it that. But it doesn’t really matter what you call it I guess. Mexican flu I think would be unfortunate, it would kind of inflame some issues further.

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The World Health Org just came out and said they’re gonna keep calling it “swine flu”. Probably because “hu-bir-ine” flu just doesn’t sound as catchy..

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Apparently, what to name the flu is a contentious issue.

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@oratio just because the largest number of deaths due to this strain of influenza have occured in mexico (who am i kidding…. most of the deaths)... doesn’t mean it’s only a mexican problem.. it’s all over europe and now in parts of asia as well as the US… so how about world flu?

you start calling it mexican flu i will kill you so hard you will die to death… not really

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@Dr_C Yeah, that’s kinda what I was saying. It would be unfortunate.
They seem to call it that in some parts of the world, and if they did that in the states I suspect that it would be seen in a less objective way by many. It seems like the epicenter is there – even though the virus could originate in asia – and viruses are often named after the region.

I should also warn you that I have a black belt. I got it for my baggy pants, but none the less, it’s black.

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Swine Flu.

And on a totally different note, I had a dream last night that I got swine flu and turned into a pig. In fact, I’m typing this with my hoofs right now.

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The pork industry will just have to deal with the loss of sales, H1N1 is NEVER gonna take hold…Once the media can use a word like swine on a headline, their NOT going to give it up easily.

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‘North American Flu’ seems like a good, if boring name.
Perhaps we should call it the ‘Flying Pig Flu’.

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I would call it ‘Mexican influenza’. Flu is actually misleading. It can mean several things:

1) Common cold (relatively harmless)
2) Seasonal influenza (serious)
3) Pandemic influenza (potentially extremely serious)

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Thanks all for comments. 1918–1919 Spanish flu, 1957–58 Asian flu, 1968–69 Hong Kong, 1977–78 Russian. so it should be the origin of Mexican flu, but the politicos don’t have the balls to name it that.

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