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At what point should I take my 11-year-old with a stomach bug to the doctor?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) January 31st, 2009 from iPhone

The poor guy is on day 5 of exploding from both ends. He doesn’t have a fever, no blood in his stool, and has been able to keep liquids down. He continues to complain of a stomach ache, though, and cannot keep food down. The pain is not in the lower right so I’m pretty sure it’s not the appendix. But, he’s still miserable. I’m convinced he’s got the full on flu, and that as long as he’s hydrated and doesn’t run a fever, it’s just got to run its course. Am I way off base?

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He is still sick? I am really sad the poor little guy is still so miserable!

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Right away.

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I think it’s worth a call to the doctor, even the on call doctor. 5 days, but taking fluids in – he’s still losing something, especially if it’s both ends. He may be drinking, but they are still coming up (and out). They might be able and willing, to give him something to help slow things down. (anti-nausea) I know most bugs need to run their course, but 5 days is getting to be a lot.

I’ve had a child land in the hospital, even thought it appeared fluids were staying down enough to prevent dehydration, and that was on day two. It can be very serious – I won’t wait any longer.

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Yeah, i would call if it’s been five days.
Tell them the same thing you just told us and they can decide if it is worth a visit or will know if there is something going around in your area.

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definitely call the doctor – if it’s not food poisoning, it could still be the appendix

DD had to have hers out as a small child. She never had pain on the right side , she had back pain.

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I’d definitely call on the doctor. He could still get dehydrated, even if he’s taking liquids in. Plus, he needs to eat sometime doesn’t he?

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So far this morning he’s kept down a piece of toast and some juice. I think things are looking up. I’m waiting for a return call from the doctor’s office, we’ll see what they say. Thanks so much.

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@gimmedat I’m glad he’s ok! When my son was younger he had the Rotavirus and it had similar symptoms.. you had me worried for him for a second there. =)

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I’d watch the juices – they can be too hard on his system, right now. Stick with the clear, bland diet.

Hope he continues to improve!

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The doctor should be able to call in a prescription for something to relieve the symptoms, without you going in, especially if there’s a lot going around. Moms for decades swear by the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.

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Just because there’s no VISIBLE blood in the stool doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Not to mention possible parasites that you will NEVER see with the naked eye.

And 5 days of suffering, BOTH ends? Yeah, I think you are way off base. There are MANY things it could be. I’d get him to a doctor even though he DOES appear better. Do you know what his symptoms could be doing to his blood chemistries?

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I took my middle child to the ER a couple of years back for the same thing. They initially thought appendix but it turned out to be Strep Throat.

I was not aware this could get down into your stomach but the Doctor told me it was pretty common. A week of atiniotics and he was good as new.

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Time for the Doc. He is probally dehydrated by now.

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I imagine you’ve been trying the BRAT diet? I wouldn’t be surprised if he is suffering from a rotavirus or norovirus infection (with the rotavirus being more likely with the severity of symptoms). You’ve been doing your best, but, a visit to the doctor would be appropriate after this long.

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It’s now Sunday night and he is all better. It was like he magically came out of it yesterday after the last time he puked. I should’ve mentioned that this kid is prone to get whatever the rest of us have times 1000973776. It’s just how it’s always been. We were all down with this bug for two or three days, so of course this guy’s going to get it for five days.Thanks to all of you for your kind words and advice…truly priceless.

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Glad he’s better!

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